Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Oh to be

What it feels like when I hear your voice...a dream left under the pillow, soft and strong at the same time, soothing to hold my head, upright as I see your eyes among the stars. You tame me, cool me as you always had. I am not trembling anymore, I just stare deeply into the water as I see my reflection. Lone girl under the sun, left surrounded by your bodilessness. I am eased by your affliction, a quiet knowledge shared by two -- you can support me now more than before, and house yourself within my own body, collect my feelings, spring to action, hold your beloved.
There is no mistake in your name, and those eyes sharply held with strength and love. You know. Always known. Two powers are better when united. A small girl with messy hair is far less threatening. You beam.

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