Thursday, September 30, 2010


Am I too young to have a heyday?
I want to feel the motion of productivity clamp my hand, run with me and not let go.
I feel like my skin is made of butter...nothing sticks.
This ridiculous frown wears me. I want to slap it away and embrace the free that was my mind.
Life is meant for dancing, experience, not control.
Life is not to be controlled.

It simply is. If we harness the rare "animal" that purrs in our core, we can live happily, without these traces of fear and confinement.

We were meant to be more, yes. We were meant to be! As your breath lacks control, so you live and move on top of this sphere.

You live and move, breathe, jump, squeeze, walk, grind teeth, impulse to feed ourselves...nourish the animal.

Nourish you.
It's the simplest of tasks. Just be.

This is where I want my mind to pounce...back and forth, under moon or sun. As all things exist, I want me.

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