Monday, March 5, 2012

Call for Submissions!

Edgar & Lenore’s Publishing House is now accepting submissions locally, nationally and internationally. *Art submissions are also accepted by following the guidelines below (no minimum for art submissions).

We accept: Art, poetry, memoir, fiction (short/micro) non-fiction, fantasy, horror, mystery, children's, fairytales. We are open to other genres not listed, but please send a query letter first.

Submission Guidelines: Whether you are submitting poems or art for consideration in our archive, for the (Local writers in the Los Angeles Area only) or submitting a full manuscript, please read and follow the guidelines below carefully.

Send via email with "SUBMISSION" in the subject to:
or via postal service to:

Edgar & Lenore’s Publishing House 
Attn: Apryl Skies - Editor
13547 Ventura Boulevard
Sherman Oaks CA 91423

Archive Submissions:

To be added to our archives please follow the guidelines shown below. Please clarify if this is a “Local Submission” (Los Angeles) for the

        ~ Submit 3-5 poems
         ~A brief bio – Please include your current city.
         ~Photo of yourself
         ~Publication history- Where can we view your work? Your website, blog or links containing published works.            
         ~Contact information

For author publishing submissions or book reviews:

Please clarify if this is a “Local Submission” for the If your submission is a request for book review please indicate that in your cover letter or initial email.

         ~Submit a polished manuscript
         ~A brief bio - Please include your current city.
         ~Photo of yourself (optional)
         ~Publication history- Where can we view your work? Your website, blog, or links containing your original published works.
 ~Publication history- A list of previously published work, Amazon links      
etc. Where else can we view your work? Your website, blog, or links  
containing published works.  
         ~Book cover art (when applicable)
         ~Contact information

For Book Reviews: We will only review professionally published books. All book reviews will be submitted to Amazon where applicable.

Be (Inspire)d

~Apryl Skies  

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