Thursday, August 2, 2012

Recollection of Solace

You visited me; I am not sure why I am so surprised... I thought of you, wished for you, and you came.
I felt your hands, saw your lips, sucked in your taste.
Everything was as it was before, for moments of hours, or days, inside.

Thank you for your body, your care and love...

I found you immersed in water, it gave more shape to your body -- your frame. I recognized you immediately. When we touched, the opaque became skin. Reality.
Kisses under water, upon lips with ash, stuck in a worrisome smile; complex.
You stayed long because I didn't want to let go.
I still didn't.
You're still beautiful -- warm; pushed the comfort upon me and rolled me up into your body.
Eyes always yours. Just those lips had changed; a full pout, but tarnished still...
You didn't speak.
Our communication was internal.
                                         Fragile, everlasting.

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