Tuesday, April 16, 2013

For Anthony St. Jude Greene on his 35th Birthday

I want to do something better for you.
I want to let you in so you can feel how I breathe,
see how the blood spins around my organs.
In me, I want you to see yourself.
Your name in golden aura
surrounded by my admiration for your dedication to family,
your loyalty to love,
to blood.

Brother, hold me in this place
where our hands are fused to cross the line:
dead and living,
body and soul,
bleeding and soothing.
My tears for you, unmasked and eternal.

You’re my shelter.
My realism and humility.
You pull out the poison I feed myself,
save me from another night of fatalism
and resurrect me to promises of tomorrow.
I live for you.
Breathe in me;
let it settle
until the last breath falls from my tongue
and our eyes lock
and hands fuse
as we chatter on into the unknown,

for Anthony St. Jude Greene
April 16, 1978 - July 24, 2011
written on April 16, 2013 -- Anthony's 35th Birthday 


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