Sunday, August 4, 2013

In loving memory of Cathy Greene

Bless the ground
in its sacred realness.

Bless the heart
in its awareness

  what it means to feel

  someone to hold, to tell quaint tales, fables of self,
the realness that bites, the spirit to fight, a thirst to quench.

These are the stones, hot or cold;
that holds to our skins, sensation of life.

Liveliness that lives in breath.
Breathe to accompany the heartbeat; the seed that plants a kindling,
"you're here for me to love. We are family."
...and the need is there. Then peace.

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nestled in love and fondness for my friend Cathy Greene who passed this morning. please rest in peace <3 i="" love="" p="" you="">7/4/1957  - 8/4/13

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