Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Ahhh how does a Poet do it?

I am trying to stay on top of my list of to-do's.

These days, I am not even sure who I am talking to, but I know that I have to push myself to promote my new book... my book, Serious Longing.
I take nothing for granted.

I wanted to be a Poet.
I look back and I want to be a Poet.
I smile because I realize that I am a Poet.

Yep, I am doing things that Poets are doing.
Reading, writing, living art, living in a dream many times, it seems... but it's great.

I can't forget about me. I have made it. Made it here to reach my goal...
I am a published Poet!
I am finally here!


The great news upon that... I am published in PARIS!
I wish I could tell you how in love I am with Paris. :) Ahhhh yes.
It's wild. A fantasy of love! Thank you, my Gods and Goddesses!
Thank you, universe of light!

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