Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Jessica M. Wilson on GuerrillaReads!

I find myself parked inside of the NoHo Metro Station.
Parked standing.
Reading a poem called "Being Human", selected from a book called Serious Longing.
This is my book.
This is my poem.

Bronwyn Mauldin is an angel with a video camera.
She caught me reading, and all the humans behind me, traveling.

I am proud of this moment.

Proud to be Los Angeles Poet Society, speaking truth, in the midst of LA's 3rd Annual Lit Crawl celebration, with my friends. A team of bards on a mission of world peace.

I am grateful for this

Catch me live any time in Issue #96 of where poetry is caught in action.

Order your copy of Serious Longing!

Monday, January 11, 2016

for David Bowie

Rest in Peace
David Robert Jones
David Bowie

You lived well.

As your energy spins to the stars
may all that you ever spoke become real

Thank you for giving art and hope to humanity.


genius be at peace.

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