Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Jessica M. Wilson on GuerrillaReads!

I find myself parked inside of the NoHo Metro Station.
Parked standing.
Reading a poem called "Being Human", selected from a book called Serious Longing.
This is my book.
This is my poem.

Bronwyn Mauldin is an angel with a video camera.
She caught me reading, and all the humans behind me, traveling.

I am proud of this moment.

Proud to be Los Angeles Poet Society, speaking truth, in the midst of LA's 3rd Annual Lit Crawl celebration, with my friends. A team of bards on a mission of world peace.

I am grateful for this

Catch me live any time in Issue #96 of where poetry is caught in action.

Order your copy of Serious Longing!

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