Sunday, June 21, 2015

Enjoy the Solstice

Whether it be for Dad, Uncle, Grampa, or Grandma... I hope you made it out today
to experience the longest day of the year. 

Frolic in the openness of green trees and the golden light they perspire.
Skip over a daisy to preserve a bit more dew
from the falling mist
of the teetering night.

Let the human remain under stars
for a canopy serenade:
wind huddled
in chattering leaves,
million speckles of water dropping like sunset.
A moistened pocket
to tuck dandelions before decay,
and pat stamen with golden powder;
more life will unfold.

Crawl out of caves to ascend earth
for a climactic finish. Brilliant green;
here is where it all begins;
to feel the pull of each corner
until the hairs on our arms
hypnotize the supple creases
that tongues can seek,
and poses dangle like clever berries
to be had.

- Jessica M. Wilson

Sunday, 6. 21. 2015

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