Friday, June 27, 2014

Beatnik Poets! Here comes Danny Baker!

A fun part of my job that I made is that I get to host superstar: writers, thinkers, philosophers, artists, musicians... Creative people that bring a sense of love to my artistically flawed heart.
My knowledge nutrients and creative chemo...

Well... that said, this Wednesday, July 2nd, I get to host a real punk...rock...beat...nik...Prose/Poet!!!  :)
DANNY BAKER! Baker was the first author to be published by Punk Hostage Press, editors are the infamous LA duo, Iris Berry and A Razor!

What a crew! I am so honored -- this self-admitted 3rd Generation Beatnik -- has found her family, or maybe her family has found her! Nevertheless, come to the show this coming WRITER WEDNESDAY!!!

Baker has a new book that will be coming off the presses of Oneiros Books, Death in the Key of Life! What a title that one is... Death, in the key of...Life. Love the dual irony. Sort of a palindrome of ironical sorts!
Mmmhmm -- dissect the elements! You will find, in much of Baker's prose, that you will want to eat it in small bites, but definitely finish the entire plate! His language is a tongue roller coaster (and I love it!)...but one can easily fall into the fun without really digesting meaning. Please digest the meaning! Words were meant to be heard and understood.

All that said... here are the show details, come on down and buy Death in the Key of Life -- Danny will be able to sign copies at the show!

~~~~ Write on!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Poetry Goodness

Events this Week​

6/25 -- ​Writer Wednesday welcomes Shy but Flyy!​

Shy is an amazingly kind individual, very open, honest, friendly 
-- exactly who you'd want to see at your 1st open mic! 
She hosts Xpressions in downtown Long Beach, 
she sings and plays groovy rhythm and percussion. 
She is a Poet!

We are honored to have her in our house this Writer Wednesday!

Singer/Writer/Radio-Host/Poet- The list goes on and on. 
Shy But Flyy has been making her presence known in the music world 
since 2006 with her debut Mix-tape self titled “Shy But Flyy”, “Product Of The South, 
Princess Of The West” in 2007, and “Still The Princess” hosted by New York DJ LGEE in 2008. 
Shy took the rappers route into breaking in the bizz and was one of the 
few young female singing artist to drop mix-tapes in her So Cal area. 
“Up And Down” Shy's most recent musical release produced by 
west coast producer Dae One, is available on 
along with the music video on

Check out her website:

Show Details:  Weds, June 24th, at Bob's Espresso Bar (5251 Lankershim Blvd. NoHo, CA 91601)  

Starts at 7pm-9:30pm, free show -- show your love!
PLUS Open Mic to all creative genres! 5 mins max, no cover songs!

6/29 -- ​Salon @ NoHo featuring Gloria Alvarez and Brenda Petrakos!

We are thrilled to announce this month's showcase for the 
Last Sunday Salon @ NoHo!

We have 2 powerhouse Poet/Prose Queens:

Gloria Enedina Alvarez es una Chicana poet/intermedia artist, 

playwright, librettist, literary translator, and curator, Alvarez currently teaches 
creative writing and works as a consultant in public schools, universities, 
libraries, museums, and art centers. Her literary/artistic efforts have 
been recognized by the CAC, National Endowment for  the Arts, 
Cultural Affairs Department, City of L.A., COLA Award, Poets & Writers, Inc., 
among others. She has published and read widely in the U.S., 
Latin America and Europe. Her plays and librettos for opera, 
Los Biombos, Cuento de un Soldado/Story of a Soldier, El NiƱo, 
have been produced internationally. Her books of poetry in English and 
Spanish include La Excusa/The Excuse and Emerging en un 
Mar De Olanes. Her poetry has been published in various 
anthologies and numerous periodicals. 

Read Poetry from Gloria:

Gloria will be accompanied with music 

from Spanish singer and guitarist, DANIEL SOSA!

Brenda Petrakos is a 2013 Pushcart Prize Nominee for Her Poetry & Flash Fiction 

Have Been Published In Various Publications Including : , 
Falling Star Literary Magazine , Voices Of New Women Writers -Duke University Press Huston Literary Review, Poetic Diversity, The Messenger and many more.
Her short story "Cop" was made into a short film which screened at 
Cinema Slam in Park City. She has also co-authored the screenplay 
"Stanley" currently in development. 

Read some of Brenda's poems on Poetic Diversity:
Brenda has books! Check out her books and purchase them here:

Also featuring is our musical guest: YesGo!

PLUS Open Mic! We have limited spots -- come down early to sign up!

Let the art commence!

Show Details:  Sun, June 29th, at Bob's Espresso Bar (5251 Lankershim Blvd. NoHo, CA 91601)  Starts at 2pm-4pm, free show -- show your love!
PLUS Open Mic to all creative genres! 5 mins max, no cover songs!

​We've got a lot going on! Please check us out on Facebook and "like" us! ​

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

2014 Summer Poetry Contest!

SUMMER HAS COMMENCED and it's time for the 3rd Annual Los Angeles Poet Society Summer Poetry Contest!


We know you've been writing through the entire year and have many amazing words to share! Why not send your best poems to the 3rd Annual Los Angeles Poet Society Summer Poetry Contest? Your poem could be the winner of a minimum $50 prize!

Past winners include: Mary Torregrossa and  Tresha Haefner

This years' contest topic: Summer Getaway

In no more than 200 lines, send us your poem that evokes Summer Getaway.
All submitted work will be judged by Los Angeles Poet Society.
$1 donation per entry (details below).

The Prize
The sole winner will win $50, plus all the proceeds from the contest entry donations.
The winner will also be published on the Los Angeles Poet Society website and invited to give a reading of the winning poem. (*Note: Los Angeles Poet Society will not pay for travel fees)

Criteria to Enter
Submit up to 3 poems max per person
Poems must be less than 200 lines
Submitted work must not be previously published

*** Please make sure that your name only appears on your cover page, and not on each page of your poem(s).***

Submission Deadline is September 15th, midnight

We are happy to announce our GUEST JUDGE, the remarkable Poet and Editor in Chief of Edgar & Lenore's Publishing House, APRYL SKIES!

How to Enter
Email a text document (.doc, .rtf, pdf, .txt) to with subject line:
 “2014 Summer Poetry Contest ”; first name last name
Deadline for entry: September 15th, 2014, midnight

$1 donation asked for each entry. Donations can be made as a gift to our paypal account:  
Make sure to send as a gift so the full $1.00 is posted to paypal.

Grab a book this summer!

Super excited to have an Amazon author page! Yeaaaaaaah!  This is the place you would want to go to find any anthologies I am included in!

Jessica's Books!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

It's all in the way you Humument it!

A lesson in poetry from a 3rd Generation Beatnik Poet

Jessica Wilson gives a workshop on the Humument!
The journey of the Humument began in 1966 by Tom Phillips...and was 1st published in 1970.
(wrong date given in video)


Some of the examples I refer to in this lesson...
Found Art , "Readymades"

"The Gift" by Man Ray, 1921


Marcel Duchamp's "The Fountain", 1917

Rock and Roll!

Since meeting Juan, my experiences with music has flourished! Wild Hollywood nights, North Hollywood creative community at Writer Wednesdays, rocking Rob's garage in Guerneville...and here we are side by side at Holy Grounds Coffee and Tea in East LA! Hosted by the belly dancing Poet, Kimberly Cobian, Juan and I go into our little realm of peace and creativity.


Dear Juan,
Thank you for allowing me to break free into the realm of music and beats!

Here is Juan playing another song he wrote called "Lady War".

Later, the band, Tikal Sun come up and play "Unbuntu Fire" -- I get to accompany them. Juan is also in the band. Lots of fun musical rendezvous!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Wedding Day

It wasn't that long ago when the excitement was blistering the rooftops and the colossal celebration of love commenced! Venice, CA -- family of Poets, Artists, and Friends... epic. My love in rare form.
Juan and Jessica.

The story of Juan & Jessica into the darkest of nights, the most silent of cries, and intoxicating of thrills.
We are in love.
We are still.
We are together!

Blessed moment of light -- I wish to love on to capture the eyes of all of our witnesses.
To hold friends dear.

Super sweet wedding video from our friend Lucian "Midnyte" Recoltea!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Be the CHANGE you wish to see in the WORLD!

Thank you to my good friend, Sean Hill, for delivering this mantra in his poem... it has brought me much peace. Thank you to Gandhi, for being so selfless and leading by example.

Be the CHANGE!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Jessica Wilson presents Friday the 13th Poetry Workshop

Let's get a good source of inspiration in us this Friday the 13th! I am happy to be at Holy Grounds this Friday to give you a Humument Poetry Workshop!

That's right! We are going to unlock the subconscious! Let's dive in and showcase the discovery!

Check out Humument's below created by Tom Phillips in 1973.

Workshop Details:

Friday, June 13th, 7pm at Holy Grounds Coffee n Tea (5371 Alhambra Ave. LA, CA) in Los Angeles!

Pictured here: a student Humument by Kimberly, 7th Grade at Vista Middle School in Panorama City, CA!

About your Poetry Teacher: 

Jessica Wilson is a 3rd generation Beatnik. She has her MFA in Writing from Otis College of Art and Design, and a BA in Creative Writing from UC Riverside! She teaches youth poetry through California Poets in the Schools -- an org dedicated to teaching poetry in schools for 50 years now! 
She loves words. Making art with sound...complicating rhythm. Come check her out and learn some writing tricks!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Rambles of Depression

I began to talk to myself... feel somber, tired, criminal to my own debt.

Why can’t I seem to resurrect past this obstacle in my life?
Each week that passes brings small reward. Simple reward – living.

God, why did this place make me value their money? Living to make money… it’s impractical, unnatural.
We built this concept! It makes people miserable and urges them to kill themselves. It really does – I know this.
Suicide, homelessness…no one cares for people just as people.
There is always this notion of money, earning, to associate worth.
This dollar makes me a human being.
This dollar makes me a valuable member of human nature, I mean…society.

SOCIETY is the death of humanity.  The death of all that is naturally sacred.
It’s like denying using the sun for energy and taking a pill instead. Fill the voids of your humanity with manufactured plastic. Lap of luxury.
No one believes in themselves anymore because 
there is no dollar associated to them.
It’s so depressing.
We created something unnatural to designate to the natural.
Am I wrong?

Am I wrong, Walter?

-        Jessica M. Wilson Cardenas – 6/10/14 with $67 left

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Color in the Lines

You made me, yet you disclaim me:
relative sown
in the blood shed
the massacre made to relish over
new religion
the known god --
an unknown doctrine placed in the hands
of egoists, exploring the new world
in search of gold
riches. fame fortune glory.
The Spanish ego;
but you made me -- blood of red tierra
the Navajo, the one people
of the sun.

Fortune? Glory?
You are part of a bigger being --
Mother Earth, Madre Santa, la tierra del soul.
my earth.
Don't seek gold when the hands you crawl on
are filled with emptiness and lies
fortunes left to drought
alongside the thousands of dying soldiers
this side and the next.

Forever young, I'd mourn my blood
wonder why I could never be pure enough...
Mestiza -- you Mexican? You White? You American?
You Black? You Indian? You Pocha?
You Primitive? You Chicana? You Spanish?
You Latina? Hispanic? Have culture?
What are you?
How about if we gut you
and mix the pieces around until it makes sense to us?

Tell me, Jessica Marie Wilson, what the fuck are you?

When was human never enough?

- Written by this human being of Earth

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Justice for Andy Lopez -- Rally, Reading, Panel at Beyond Baroque - Venice, CA

​Greetings Friends and Writers:
​Happy Tuesday to you!

It's been a wild few months for me, I hope all has been well for you! 
The Los Angeles Poet Society is proud to be participating in a RALLY AGAINST POLICE BRUTALITY! JUSTICE FOR ANDY LOPEZ! 


​Andy Lopez was killed by Deputy Sheriffs in Sonoma County -- Santa Rosa, California. He was shot 8 times for holding a toy gun. He was 13 years old. The communities of Sonoma County, and all those who sympathize and seek to preserve life and personal freedoms, are rising up Saturday, June 7th, the weekend of what would have been Andy's 14th birthday... and we are say NO to POLICE BRUTALITY!
Why does this happen? Countless, nameless, people are victimized by the bullies in blue... the police named to protect and serve.
All they serve is the pocket book of big business, while they take all of our tax money, and try to convince us they are on our side. They kill our children, intimidate the average man and woman on the roads... They are not in alliance with us.

Help us bring awareness to the rage in Police Brutality, and find true

​ ​
Justice For Andy Lopez!!!!! Cops are profiling and hauling people away from their lives, their families and security. In Sonoma County, they pick on immigrants because they are "powerless" when it comes to US law... they don't seem to think twice about it.

We know all about racial profiling... brutality and public defense for Trayvon Martin, more Latinos being pulled across borders in Arizona... The police are horrendous.

Join us in a Rally, Protest, and Panel against Police Brutality.

Donations to help Justice for Andy Lopez will be accepted at this event.

​This event is in partnership with 100 Thousand Poets for Change, Justice for Andy Lopez, and the Revolutionary Poets Brigade!​


​We are coming together in solidarity for Justice for Andy Lopez and all the victims of Police Brutality!!!

Join us this Saturday at Beyond Baroque. The rally begins at 1pm! Please come dressed in white -- that was Andy's favorite color. 
Please bring your posters, banners, markers! We will also have some available.

~~~ The Line Up ~~~
1pm: Rally led by Mark Lipman and Jessica Wilson of the Revolutionary Poets Brigade and Los Angeles Poet Society!

2pm: Presenting Guests from: CopWatch LA, LACAN, Occupy Venice, POWER, Stop LAPD Spying Coalition, plus videos of crimes to people from police.
3pm: Panel hosted by Jeffery Martin -- Jeffery speaks with victims of police brutality
The Whale performs his medley, "Badges and Guns"
4pm: Poetry and Prose on the topic of Police Brutality, in memoriam of Andy Lopez, reading hosted by Mark Lipman and Jessica Wilson  of the Revolutionary Poets Brigade and Los Angeles Poet Society
Readers include: 
Brenda Petrakos, Richard Modiano, Stosh Machek, Antonieta Villamil, Matt Sedillo, David McIntyre, Felipe Finley, Pam Ward, and many more! 

​​facilitated by Jessica Wilson of the Los Angeles Poet Society

100 Thousand Poets for Change - Los Angeles - sign up sheet for participants on site. 

Beyond Baroque address: 681 Venice Blvd. Venice, CA 

Thank you and please share this information. 

~ Jessica M. Wilson, MFA
Los Angeles Poet Society Founder| President

Join the Los Angeles Poet Society

Let us be your bridge to Los Angeles Poetics! 

Click HERE for your dip on in!
#publishers #poets #writers #performancepoets #spokenword #readings 
 plus MORE!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Dream, Dream, Little Dancer!

Smiles from the land of Los Angeles!
I am so proud to share some family news... Juan and I's niece, Rubbbbbbbbbbby (ruby rooooo), is a dancer! She is 11 years old and is so committed to her skill; she is constantly reinventing and working on her moves :)

I am so HAPPY to announce that the Dance troupe from Roy Romer Middle School in North Hollywood, has WON 3 1st place trophies for Dance in the WEST COAST CHAMPIONSHIP from Sharp International!

Holy moly! I am so proud of this lil mama! She is already following her passion and is kicking butt!

Lots of love to you, Ruby Roo! You make us so proud, Shine on little DANCER!

Monday, June 2, 2014


When you woke up today, did you think of yourself as performing for someone?
Are you on a showcase for superstars?
A new reality of your own to make shine...

What if you reached up to grab at your knees
pull them inside your chest, caving;
the carving of anatomical complexities, just wide to imagine.

Open your mouth and let the air flow in
like a falling star from gravity
entering beyond orbit
into lungs, beating heart -- a hobby.

I breathe, to make myself more useful.
A hobbyist. Open large, exhale loud -- a hobby.
Just an action to a reaction to an action, deliberate or not.
A hobby.

Talked on the phone today
heard from mom and dad. They seemed to want to care today.
Seemed to feel the need to understand
their daughter, a living entity all on her own,
a living victory of their mismatched seeds.
A final exam of master-hood.

Yet, still my breath to them -- a hobby.

- Jessica M. Wilson


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