Tuesday, June 24, 2014

2014 Summer Poetry Contest!

SUMMER HAS COMMENCED and it's time for the 3rd Annual Los Angeles Poet Society Summer Poetry Contest!


We know you've been writing through the entire year and have many amazing words to share! Why not send your best poems to the 3rd Annual Los Angeles Poet Society Summer Poetry Contest? Your poem could be the winner of a minimum $50 prize!

Past winners include: Mary Torregrossa and  Tresha Haefner

This years' contest topic: Summer Getaway

In no more than 200 lines, send us your poem that evokes Summer Getaway.
All submitted work will be judged by Los Angeles Poet Society.
$1 donation per entry (details below).

The Prize
The sole winner will win $50, plus all the proceeds from the contest entry donations.
The winner will also be published on the Los Angeles Poet Society website and invited to give a reading of the winning poem. (*Note: Los Angeles Poet Society will not pay for travel fees)

Criteria to Enter
Submit up to 3 poems max per person
Poems must be less than 200 lines
Submitted work must not be previously published

*** Please make sure that your name only appears on your cover page, and not on each page of your poem(s).***

Submission Deadline is September 15th, midnight

We are happy to announce our GUEST JUDGE, the remarkable Poet and Editor in Chief of Edgar & Lenore's Publishing House, APRYL SKIES!

How to Enter
Email a text document (.doc, .rtf, pdf, .txt) to venicesoapboxpoets@gmail.com with subject line:
 “2014 Summer Poetry Contest ”; first name last name
Deadline for entry: September 15th, 2014, midnight

$1 donation asked for each entry. Donations can be made as a gift to our paypal account: wilson9jm@yahoo.com  
Make sure to send as a gift so the full $1.00 is posted to paypal.


  1. The Escape From Conviction
    By Fast Getaway

    So there you go.
    It was strapped to my leg like her
    flashy got u under control
    smile…shedding all fatigue in an endless
    panorama of closed doors. But,
    what was I doing there at all?
    Whew strapped again, to the wheel bay 747
    flight to smog city for a dose of the gdamn…
    What happens there is broadcast to the world;
    still to get busted for her toys in a distant
    excuse for a getaway. Shot down like dogs,
    mistaken for escape convicts! Summer fun 2014.

    joey alkes © 2014

  2. buck on the way as soon as I can figure out how to use my paypal; or I will send a check in the mail titled gift. I never do these things...curious. TY joey alkes

    1. Hi Joey! Thank you for your entry...
      Good luck to you! :)
      WRITE ON!



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