Wednesday, January 8, 2014

One Month Away!

In one month, I get to marry the most loving person I've ever met in my lifetime!

Juan Adrian Cardenas, thank you for loving me. 
Te amo!

I have been in bliss ever since I've met him...and I can't believe how well I could ever get along with another human being. This is a wonderful gift, and I hope all of humanity gets the opportunity to experience this.

Dreams come true. You must NEVER give up on yourself.
You must also believe that you are WORTH every bit of happiness.
You must cherish YOURSELF first before you find true love...

True Love Never Diez... :)

Love for yourself is really the primary what you love, be who you want to be... and your energy will exude into the ether...sending out pheromones, this is the attraction. Be yourself... you ARE the attraction.

It's so possible, just never give up...that is my advice.

Not sure if anyone asked, but I had to write this down.

This is the path I've taken, which has led me to Juan.
Led me to want to marry my partner.
You have to have courage...the path can jolt others away from you...but yes, as Shakespeare says; "To thine own self be true."   That sure is the way to go!

Love the love, love yourself!

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