Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Practicing en Espanol

With my limited Spanish vocabulary, I have found that I can't write the same way I write in English. I know more words, I can express myself in so many ways...but that doesn't dismiss my Spanish writing.

In fact, my limited vocab is a constraint, but rather fun to play in because I am still able to write. I just write simply. I speak simply. I can still get my point across in little words.
It's a challenge, but a fun challenge... working with what I know and still finding the umbilical receding each time I create.

Por ejemplo... :) This is what I wrote today sin accentos (I don't know where the accents go)

Me pena estoy profundo
como las madres del tierra,
Llorando minuto a minuto, la mezcla de piel
Amarillo, café, y finalmente el rojo, el sacramento de resurrecion,
despues doce meses

presentan la vida.

In English, I am trying to say:

My pain is profound
Like the mothers of the earth
Crying minute after minute, the mix of skin:
Yellow, brown, and finally the red;
The sacrament of resurrection
After twelve months

We present life. 

--- I think I did it :) I put the ingles in Google Translator, and I found this poem:

Mi dolor es profundo
Al igual que las madres de la tierra
Llorando minuto a minuto, la mezcla de la piel :
Amarillo , marrón, y finalmente el rojo ;
El sacramento de la resurrección
Doce meses después

Presentamos vida.

---- Some larger words there, but still words that I recognize... 
I think I am close, and I am even more motivated to try to speak, read, and write Spanish more often. 

This is encouraging. Do you see 3 poems, 1, or 2? :)

Yo escrito y despues yo vivo!   (is that "I write therefore I live"?)

Friday, February 20, 2015


I am super stoked about being on! It's such a badass station, playing my favorite Classic Rock music! I mean, Ramble On came on -- and that is totally my jam to get up and get on! Keep on keeping on, Led! Ramble on! :) 

Thanks to Poet Jeffrey Alan Rochlin for hooking me up with Alan Lohr! I'll be reciting my poetry and my man's band, Tikal Sun, will also be playing live on air! How fun this will be!

Please tune in at 8pm - February 21st PST for some good clean poetic propaganda! haha

It's all fun! VIVA la VIDA! I wonder which poems I should read though...hmm... do I go with erotica, nature pieces, social discord... 

Ah ... a hodgepodge maybe :)

Well, I will be in good company! Long live music! Let's rock!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Steinbeck Calling hits the radio!

I'm an actress now! I'm a radio start! :) All these great claims are indeed true, thanks to Eric Vollmer and the Public Works Improv Theater Group --and to Brenda P. for believing in me! I've been portraying Maria Lopez from Steinbeck's "Pastures of Heaven". It's been a lot of fun working with Carmen Vega and the cast of Dust Bowl characters!

This Monday, we were invited to perform our production at Skidrow Studios in Downtown LA, hosted by Melvin Johnson as part of the Qumran Report. The entire footage is here! Thanks to the Skidrow Studios for Vodcasting us and running the live recording! How exciting!

My reading from John Steinbeck's Las Pasturas del Cielo/The Pastures of Heaven co-starting Poet Carmen Vega, starts at 14:00 minutes!

See the entire transcript:

Please view the complete show with readings from:
I remember the 30s (Steinbeck's account of the 1930s), Pastures of Heaven, Of Mice ad Men, The Grapes of Wrath, plus Ross Altman singing Woody Guthrie's Ballad of Tom Joad.

Carmen Vega and Jessica Wilson Cardenas

Ross Altman and Eric Vollmer

Tony, Caitlin, and Bill Basett 

The Public Works Improv Theater Company!

a plea to be free

oh to be like the birds
soaring above my eyes
my mind
unable to fathom their distances.
the way they speak to the moonlight
dovetail in the glow of sun
they are free.

sweet freedom is something i dream of
and feel so far away from.
how can we believe we are free
when clearly
our livelihoods are dictated by social expectation?

there is no place to basque under sun rays
until the clouds cover
and turn cold.
no place to save your iced tea
beside a lamp in your front lawn
to circulate air
until the pigeons stop playing.

no fountain the hummingbird could drink from
in blissful pace
no restful place to watch them take
dives in and out of fancy.

freedom is an understated religion
where sanctity blesses the skin of my being
enclosing me in days of tantric eye feasts.
breath unending in its sweetness
grace of truest life.

Friday, February 13, 2015

A love poem for Friday the 13th...

A love poem for Friday the 13th...
dun dun dun...

All dun dun dunnnnnnn up in black
with red smears across your cheeks
the lace of blood red lips into skin
lends droplets of falling joy to fall
from lips to chest
pinks all perked to full pouts
to belly rolling around the hypnotism of delicious love
to the gentle girdle of life
taken from in between, pulled from chastity
into decadence, laid raw.
Pull and pin
the pink carnation ties us all together
into the body cannon
echoing to the rhythm

(from Jessica M. Wilson)

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Love poems... day 3

The matches fall to the ground as smoke clears the air,
her nostrils flare in thrill of candlelight.
Each spark leads anticipation
like clairvoyant sense;
the glands melting away to pheromone grace.
His lips in baroque distance
bow to her smile, as gravity washes down wax
slender fingertips intersect creating voltage.


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