Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Steinbeck Calling hits the radio!

I'm an actress now! I'm a radio start! :) All these great claims are indeed true, thanks to Eric Vollmer and the Public Works Improv Theater Group --and to Brenda P. for believing in me! I've been portraying Maria Lopez from Steinbeck's "Pastures of Heaven". It's been a lot of fun working with Carmen Vega and the cast of Dust Bowl characters!

This Monday, we were invited to perform our production at Skidrow Studios in Downtown LA, hosted by Melvin Johnson as part of the Qumran Report. The entire footage is here! Thanks to the Skidrow Studios for Vodcasting us and running the live recording! How exciting!

My reading from John Steinbeck's Las Pasturas del Cielo/The Pastures of Heaven co-starting Poet Carmen Vega, starts at 14:00 minutes!

See the entire transcript: http://www.skidrowstudios.com/the-qumran-report/2015-02-17/39944/qumran-report-public-works-improvisation-theater-steinbeck-calling

Please view the complete show with readings from:
I remember the 30s (Steinbeck's account of the 1930s), Pastures of Heaven, Of Mice ad Men, The Grapes of Wrath, plus Ross Altman singing Woody Guthrie's Ballad of Tom Joad.

Carmen Vega and Jessica Wilson Cardenas

Ross Altman and Eric Vollmer

Tony, Caitlin, and Bill Basett 

The Public Works Improv Theater Company!

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