Friday, January 30, 2015

Angel feathers

Just caught a free show from the circle of life; it all started with a journey to solace, pilgrimage to the place where trees lean high and squirrels massage the roots. The wind led me with maternal wing to view the pines and watch the leaves change.

Angels blessed me as a feather gained momentum towards my eyes and sailed on into the blue. Smiling, I began to sift my sights through the branches to find more feathers floating through the pine needles.

Soon, a coat of feathers drifted off into airy sea like a school of fish – surely too many in one cluster to be a coincidental engagement.

In a nearby tree, perched, was a beautiful young bird of prey! White-breasted hawk taking a breath, enjoying the view, securely honing in on intention. 

How majestic to see such wild truth in front of my mundane stroll. 
Brother Crows soar higher calling out to the hawk and begin to squawk truths.

All I can do is hold on to the moment – my human eyes shielded by glass – desperate to hold on to beautiful flying creatures, moving higher into the depths of wind. My mind memorizes each color, each stance, in case my eyes give way.

The hawk adjusts and I am able to see what it was perched on…not branch completely, not the gentle leaves…but the body of another winged friend. As the hawk masters holding branch and carcass, the head soon drops into the ivy… a loud thump. 
My human animal has been dormant – squealing at this delicacy.
Was that really a dead bird it’s holding? Is that lunch or comrade? Does it matter?
Hawk adjusts. This time, I see the suture… red meat where the neck belonged… and the hawk, ever so patient, holds fast. 

It is not until a good gust encourages her to move and her wings spread into brown and white tiger claws, holding fast, to the next pine.
The feathers cease from raining.
The wind closes my eyes.
Don’t ever forget this show.

Jessica M. Wilson – Friday, 1/30/15 2:34pm

Friday, January 16, 2015

John Steinbeck Calling -- TOUR!

I've been lucky enough to join Eric Vollmer's gang of literary lovers!
In fact, I've been taking stage next to fellow Poet, Carmen Vega for 4 productions of Steinbeck's The Pastures of Heaven.

Many thanks go to Poet and Artist, Brenda Petrakos...who suggested I might be a good fit for the troupe :) I have been honored to be a part of the crew and have had so much fun as "Maria Lopez", the younger sister...a bit naive, religiously devoted and sweet!


Soooo, this Saturday, at Beyond Baroque, the show is coming to Venice!

January 17th at Beyond Baroque
681 Venice Blvd. Venice, CA

donations will be accepted!

Be there or be... a cube!

Public Works Proudly Presents our Encore Performance

Come and enjoy dramatic readings drawn from John Steinbeck’s favorite novels: OF MICE & MEN, PASTURES OF HEAVEN, GRAPES OF WRATH, TRAVELS WITH CHARLEY & CANNERY ROW and Folk Music!

Lee Boek, Anna Broome, Bill Bassett, Sea Glassman, 
Kaitlin Ferrell, Doug Spitz, Jessica W Cardenas, Richard McDowell, Anthony Bush, Carmen Vega, David Kipen & Ross Altman
* Created & Hosted by Eric Vollmer *

Suggested Door Donation


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