Monday, March 30, 2015


Upon a whim
I am lightening   again
in arm with thunder.
The gods are mighty --
There is no distance between us
only a chariot race of three.
On a whim I write;
an homage to your love
it appears to be.

For juan
Thunder. 3172015

Monday, March 16, 2015


I'm recovering from myself

Frozen in the epic time tunnel I find myself beating still

my chest is so tight

as I feel the pounding

the new life

seeds after the new death

each second passing

I want to stop
but I can never stop.


Friday, March 13, 2015

Featured in the Fontana Herald News!

When I joined the Sequoia Middle School College and Career Fair, it was a complete honor to come back to visit my old middle school, and share my memories and experiences with my husband and CPITS partner, Juan Cardenas. It was also amazing to join the kids and light the creative sparks in their eyes! Plus, the literal honor and prestige that I felt, entering a room that said "POETS" Jessica Wilson and Juan Cardenas... that was to be our home room, was phenomenal! I don't think I ever felt so amazing as a Poet! It was such a beautiful day...

Now, I see that the local newspaper, the Fontana Herald News, wrote a story on Career day...and the first letter of the story starts with J!

You will see why... I am soooooooo happy to pay if forward and immerse into my old school and city, to share the joys of creativity and poetic expression!
(please like and share!)

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Upcoming Features

I wanted to take a minute and let you all know where imma gonna be... reading and performing, that is. Here is the schedule of events.

Sunday March 15th: Speakeasy Sunday @ Catcher in the Rye 7pm - 10pm   10550 Riverside Dr. Toluca Lake, CA 91601

Saturday March 21: THE METAPHORS feature at Equinox Celebration with Juan Cardenas @ Hollywood Dance Academy  7pm - 10pm

April 4th: THE METAPHORS feature at San Gabriel Valley Quarterly Release Party @ Santa Catalina Branch Library in Pasadena, CA 3pm - 5pm

May 2nd: Jessica Wilson features at UNBUCKLED NOHO Poetry @ TU Studios   Camarillo St. North Hollywood, CA  3:45pm - 5:45pm

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Viva Las Mujeres! Celebrating Women!

My homage -- feeling the love at my home of North Hollywood -- enjoying the liveliness of color from the NoHo murals! Check it out, Chandler Blvd.

La loca --

and this gal loves her man, who also loves this wo-man

Plus, this month, I am the FEATURED POET for Change Links! YAAAAAAAAY! I am super stoked! Change Links is a left-POV newspaper, committed to truth telling... I am all about that. So honored! Thank you to Mark Lipman and the Revolutionary Poets Brigade - Los Angeles!

Exercising my feminine might! :) 

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Live from the Poetry Circus!

Los Angeles Poet Society - a community organization PROUD to run away with the circus!
(any time, Nicelle Davis, any time!) 

Our new Los Angeles Poet Society banner making its debut!

I'm the president and also a client...haha LAPS Founder and President, Jessica M. Wilson

The Poetry Circus @ Griffith Park Merry-Go-Round
February 28 of 2015

by Juan Cardenas

The Los Angeles Poet Society had the great honor of being part of The Poetry Circus at the Griffith Park Merry-Go-Round on February 28 of 2015, as a Featured Presenter representing an array of Poets and Literature aficionados in Los Angeles County by displaying their books on our own official Los Angeles Poet Society travelling table. LAPS is offering this community service FREE OF CHARGE; this means we can sell your books and give you full commission for absolutely nothing in return, just your love and appreciation. We want the table to serve you! So send us your books, brochures...we will display and sell whenever we attend literature events. 

The night at the Poetry Circus turned out to be precisely what you imagine a full traveling Poetry Circus is. While you rode the Merry-Go-Round, trapeze acrobats, marching band music, freak show and abnormalities, juggling jungle animals, sword swallowing, fire spitting, weird funny clowns all performing in their most serious silliest fashion all through the visual projection of Literature and Poetry. Sounds crazy enough? Animals transformed into different shapes and shades as they rode the poet’s stanzas, jokes and silliness applauded through uncontrollable tears of laughter. A mixture of cheer and laughter from kids all of ages filled the cloudy night, as Justin Wallace Kibbe and his collage of moving poetry evoked sighs of awe across the distance.
The event organized by Nicelle Davis was a great success though the reflection of the amount of people in which it attended, both whom were there to see the amazing line up of Poets, Writers and performers featuring and those who were there to experience the Merry-Go-Round’s joy ride of incredible speeds. 

Poet features included wordsmiths and literature Maestros Lauren Ann Bogen, Brendan Constantine, Yvonne de la Vega just to mention a few. Of course, no Circus can ever exist without clowns, so Post Mortem Movement Theater showed up and along with their mime-like athletic and expressive dialogue made us both laugh and shriek in amazement as we saw them abstractly enjoy killing each other to the sounds of gypsy circus music with their imaginations.

Nicelle, what's in store for next year!

We can't wait! 
Love, the Los Angeles Poet Society

LAPS President with the VP, Juan Cardenas!

Binbon, the Mime of Los Angeles Poet Society aka the Director of Spanish Literature, Alejandro Molina with LAPS Member, Joe Willis! 

CPITS Poet Students! 

Brendan Constantine reads on the Merry-Go-Round!

Lovely MC, Nicelle Davis!

Brendan Constantine 

Art display by Just Kibbe

Enjoying my first ride on the Merry Go Go!

Beautiful Yvonne de la Vega!

Art by Just Kibbe

The Post Mortem Dance Group

Our friend from the Poetry Store!


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