Thursday, March 27, 2014

Featuring at Urban Desert Cabaret - Pig n Whistle, Hollywood, CA --- how awesome is this!!! :)

Who says Poets can't also be Rock Stars?
Well, Jim Morrison clearly did it... Bob Dylan... now it's time for Jessica Wilson to rock the boulevard! 

I'm going to join Joe "City" Garcia's Urban Desert Cabaret tonight, along with the Belly dancing Poet, Kimberly Cobian, Singer/Songwriter Teddy Quinn and much more! Juan Cardenas, LA's Flutist!, will be joining me on a performance or two as well! 

This will be the night we make some magic! 

Who is Jessica Wilson? 
Viva La poetry
Founder of the Los Angeles Poet Society, an East LA Poet born, raised in the county of San Bernardino and back again in LA! For those of you who know know that I have this vision of LA and enjoy bringing my art to the people and sharing everyone's joys! I've got my MFA and BA in Writing/Poetry/ and Art History. It's a passion, you could say.

I have been in some wonderful books with my LA colleagues and comrades for change all around the world! Tonight' the night you get to see me do my thang!

Hope you can make it! 
$5 will get you in to the party. 
Address: 6714 Hollywood Blvd. - Hollywood CA!
Show time: 8pm

Peace and love! 

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Where I will be this Saturday... the Grand Park Book Fest #2

I am so happy that LA has found itself curling into a good book!
So much so that we are here celebrating the 2nd year of the Grand Park Book Fest!

That's right! I was there last year...watching. This time, I am there...doing!

This is a free event...and a great way to meet some cool new words!


Here is the COMPLETE schedule of events on the Grand Park website: 

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Let the Shows Begin!

Helloooooooooo Universe! Let the Poet emerge from her sleeping shell and burst into a stream of color across the sky!

It's time y'all...the cocoon bursts open and I bubble forth... "Hellllllllllo" :)

This weekend is packed with action for me! I am honored to be featuring at 3 shows! THREE. Good things...they say... well you know the cliche.

I am performing/reading at the La Puente Art Walk at 2 galleries, one solo and one with my husband, the Flutist, Juan Cardenas! 


Saturday March 15th at the La Puente Art Walk in the heart of the old Downtown District of La Puente!

7- 8pm


An all female art show revolving around the theme of Loss and Heartbreak including the debut of the Heartbreak poetry anthology, an all female anthology.

 I will be reading a select piece, perhaps 2 from this anthology. :) We'll be at the RiT Gallery.


Curated/Produced by Chris 'Cakeshop' Penalber
Poetry curated by Karineh Mahdessian
Located at the RiT Gallery.




Shed your inhibitions! Open Mic, DJam Session sign up all night!
Featuring Poetry, live music, dance, art, performances, creative cross-genre collaborations! 

Juan Cardenas will be accompanying me with his flute and vocals, and poetry!


Curated by Kimberly Cobian & Richard Torres
Located along Main St. Alcove (between Glendora/1st)

I'll be reading a selection from my new book -- an anthology of Erotica titled, ...and it happened under cover...  by NightWing Press: 


Sunday's show is Colliding Rhymes!

Sunday March 16th at the McGroarty Arts Center in Tujunga

Colliding Rhymes - a specially curated show celebrating the Abstract in Art and in words... you dig! Curated by Joe DeCenzo

This is a part of the McGroarty Arts Center celebration of arts! 
The show begins at 3:30pm and is part of a charity event to help sustain the Arts Center.
Donation is $10

Other artists in the mix:

Sean Hill, Radomir Luza, Nicelle Davis, Joe DeCenzo, Just Kibbe, Neil McCarthy, and Jessica Wilson.

I will be performing with Juan Cardenas accompanying me on Flute.

Address: 7570 McGroarty Drive. Tujunga, CA 91042

I am so excited to do these shows! I can't wait! 
I hope to see you there. I am planning a lot of new work and a variety of expression in mixed medium with Juan Cardenas. You might even hear The Metaphors emerge!

I'll be selling books!
I have a few copies of In the Company of Women, the new Revolutionary Poets Brigade Anthology and Mosaic!



My other books can be purchased on or check out the publisher website!
Jessica Wilson Author page:

Monday, March 3, 2014

The Revolutionary Poets Brigade Anthology - LAUNCH PARTY!

This Friday, March 7th at Beyond Baroque, the Los Angeles edition of the RPB Anthology is released to the ether! 

I am so excited to be a part of this collection! So HONORED!!!

Catch the show at Beyond Baroque, 8pm!
Address: 681 Venice Blvd. Venice, CA 

Purchase your book at the event, or online at:

This anthology, a selection of works from 70 local poets, and the great photo-art of local Venice artist, Mike Chamness, represents a powerful and broad spectrum of voices throughout the entire region.  Though by no means intended to be an exhaustive collection of all the great poets there are to discover here, let this anthology speak as an introduction to the soul of our communities, here in this great city, the belly of the beast, Los Angeles, California.

 “That a Revolutionary Poets Brigade exists in Los Angeles is a bit of a miracle and thanks to Mark Lipman in ElAye this Anthology reflects some of the terrific poetry, outside the established institutions, that exists in that area, from more renowned poets like Luis. J. Rodriguez to terrific new voices like Henry Howard and venerables like Michael C Ford.  There’s potential for the biggest Brigade in the States in Los Angeles.  Where did Romero come from?  And that Devcich, wow!”      
 ~ Jack Hirschman, 4th Poet Laureate of San Francisco


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