Thursday, March 27, 2014

Featuring at Urban Desert Cabaret - Pig n Whistle, Hollywood, CA --- how awesome is this!!! :)

Who says Poets can't also be Rock Stars?
Well, Jim Morrison clearly did it... Bob Dylan... now it's time for Jessica Wilson to rock the boulevard! 

I'm going to join Joe "City" Garcia's Urban Desert Cabaret tonight, along with the Belly dancing Poet, Kimberly Cobian, Singer/Songwriter Teddy Quinn and much more! Juan Cardenas, LA's Flutist!, will be joining me on a performance or two as well! 

This will be the night we make some magic! 

Who is Jessica Wilson? 
Viva La poetry
Founder of the Los Angeles Poet Society, an East LA Poet born, raised in the county of San Bernardino and back again in LA! For those of you who know know that I have this vision of LA and enjoy bringing my art to the people and sharing everyone's joys! I've got my MFA and BA in Writing/Poetry/ and Art History. It's a passion, you could say.

I have been in some wonderful books with my LA colleagues and comrades for change all around the world! Tonight' the night you get to see me do my thang!

Hope you can make it! 
$5 will get you in to the party. 
Address: 6714 Hollywood Blvd. - Hollywood CA!
Show time: 8pm

Peace and love! 

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