Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Hot Toddy

what makes a jessica wilson cocktail?
i am not sure how to make one...

i know there are definitely 3 parts bright neon lights
2 parts sleazy
4 parts comfortable
1 part curiosity

how tranquil?
any part peaceful?

of course...

maybe, for now, a tossed salad.
let's see, there is a little Pine tree
sprinkled with pixie powder
bright green moss landscaping the piers
tiers to the bright sky light
reflecting on supple brown skin
tendered to taste.

add a palm tree or two,
rows of eucalyptus and  manzanillo trees
orchards of manzanillo, actually,
and vineyards
and cherry trees
long daffodils.
I want an orchard in my heart.
Growing away from fear,
dependency, misfortune.
Free from oppression and religion
archaic democracy
I want to capitalize on me.
enjoy the breeze.
always the sea
tilting side to side
it puts me to sleep
to peace
the sea
the tree
a forest
a forest

Sunday, May 10, 2015


Here I am
New climate covered in fresh green
Neon blades rising
Tasting air
Tucking away seeds
For spring rain

Let life show grains for a new year
Dazzling blue
In the juicy mud.



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