Tuesday, June 23, 2015

It's time! 2015 LAPS Summer Poetry Contest!

Hello Poets! It's that time of year where we work on our tans, or blockage of any tan, and enjoy the long days and steamy nights! It's Summer, our favorite time of year! That also means, it's time to launch our Annual Summer Poetry Contest!

We know you've been writing through the entire year and have many amazing words to share! Why not send your best poems to the 4th Annual Los Angeles Poet Society Summer Poetry Contest? Your poem could be the winner of a cash prize!

This years' contest topic: Summer of Peace

In no more than 200 lines, send us your poetic interpretation of "Summer of Peace".
All submitted work will be judged by Los Angeles Poet Society and a featured Guest Judge.
$1 donation per entry (details below).

The Prize
The sole winner will win a cash prize that includes all the proceeds from the contest entry donations.
The winner will also be published on the Los Angeles Poet Society website and invited to give a reading of the winning poem. (*Note: Los Angeles Poet Society will not pay for travel fees)

Criteria to Enter
Submit up to 3 poems max per person
Poems must be less than 200 lines
Submitted work must not be previously published

*** Please make sure that your name only appears on your cover page, and not on each page of your poem(s).***

Submission Deadline is September 15th, midnight

How to Enter
Email a text document (.doc, .rtf, pdf, .txt) to losangelespoetsociety@gmail.com with subject line:
 “2015 Summer Poetry Contest ”; first name last name
Deadline for entry: September 15th, 2015, midnight

$1 donation asked for each entry. Donations can be made as a gift to our paypal account: wilson9jm@yahoo.com   Make sure to send as a gift so the full $1.00 is posted to paypal.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Enjoy the Solstice

Whether it be for Dad, Uncle, Grampa, or Grandma... I hope you made it out today
to experience the longest day of the year. 

Frolic in the openness of green trees and the golden light they perspire.
Skip over a daisy to preserve a bit more dew
from the falling mist
of the teetering night.

Let the human remain under stars
for a canopy serenade:
wind huddled
in chattering leaves,
million speckles of water dropping like sunset.
A moistened pocket
to tuck dandelions before decay,
and pat stamen with golden powder;
more life will unfold.

Crawl out of caves to ascend earth
for a climactic finish. Brilliant green;
here is where it all begins;
to feel the pull of each corner
until the hairs on our arms
hypnotize the supple creases
that tongues can seek,
and poses dangle like clever berries
to be had.

- Jessica M. Wilson

Sunday, 6. 21. 2015



I am a Poet of the
Cosmic chord -- I say, “luz”,
Maja calls it, “love”.

Perception and digital signals, dials us up
one by one.
We are here; empty.

Come and fill us up,
just don’t feel us up; we’re tired
of being used,
tired of being consumed.
Trash bag over our young and we don’t even want to look
to see its face. An atrocity.

A lone 93-year-old man who’s loved so,
as to sacrifice decades of his life for a cause of millions...
and here he makes breath
for only few to ever see.
Broken chord.
Chain-link to every human’s ghost.
A known unknowing of our eternity.

Jessica M. Wilson

Friday, June 19, 2015

Support the Los Angeles Poet Society!

Founded in 2009 by East Los Angeles and Navajo Poet, Jessica M. Wilson, the Los Angeles Poet Society has diligently served the people of Los Angeles uniting the creative communities of Los Angeles! Our mission is to create a bridge to all the literary heartbeats of LA including: Poets, Writers, Artists of all creative genres, Publishers, Cultural Centers, and Book sellers. 

Jessica is a Poet and believes Los Angeles deserves a Poet Society, thriving, loving, and uniting across Los Angeles! Since its creation, the Los Angeles Poet Society has been 99% self-funded, believing in its purpose and importance, thriving on. 

Over the last 6 years, the Los Angeles Poet Society, has brought over 900 members to its network! 
The website  www.losangelespoetsociety.org is home to:
- Poetry Interviews
- Member spotlights
- Socially and culturally impactful Poetry from members including Alexis Rhone Fancher, Michael Rothenberg, Radomir Luza, & Joe Gardner 
- Senior Advocacy with LA's "Young Oldie", Norman Molesko
- Partnership with California Poets in the Schools increasing Youth Poetry Outreach
- Photo galleries of literary gatherings
- Book Reviews
- Publisher, Author, spotlights
- Litearary LA news
                                           and so much more!

In 2015, the Los Angeles Poet Society was recognized and honored by Poets & Writers, and joined in the semi-annual Connecting Cultures event!www.pw.org is a leading literary supporter in the US! 

As a Non-Profit Community Organization we are seeking funding from our network, friends, and allies. We're asking to help continue the work of the Los Angeles Poet Society, as the self-funding is slowly coming to a close. LAPS is not a labor of love, it's an essential vein of creativity and commraderie to Literary LA; it is essential! We love to connect people and bridge the creative communities, and watch the art grow! We have fiscal sponsorship from 100 Thousand Poets for Change - your help to us will be tax deductible. 

We've brought you 100 Thousand Poets for Change in Los Angeles since 2010, partnered with Poetrypalooza  since 2010, partnered with LitCrawl LA:NoHo since 2013, joined Nicelle Davis with the Poetry Circus
provided open mic forums to share your art and extended a bridge to the literary community. This has all been free of charge to the people! 

You may know our Open Mics:
- Writer Wednesday
- SoapBox Poets Open Mic
- Writers' Row
- The Salon @ NoHo
- Gallery 19
- Speakeasy Sundays 

We need your support! Please "like", share this campaign and repost, and donate what you can to help keep us alive!
What your donation will achieve:

- Increasing youth literacy by bringing Youth Poetry Workshops to underserved schools
- Launching Senior Poetry Workshops and encouraging Creative Aging
- Honorariums for our Featured Poets and Artists
- Continuation of all our programming (open mics)
- Publication of poetry anthology and LAPS Pub (publishing house)
- Prizes for poetry contests
- Sustaining www.losangelespoetsociety.org
- Archiving LAPS events since 2009 (photo galleries, interviews, video documentation)
- Poetry workshops for Adults
- Transportation and Operative costs for major literary events throughout the year

What we will do for you:
- All of our donors will be honored as Los Angeles Poet Society Sponsors - names and logos (if applicable), will forever live onwww.losangelespoetsociety.org 
- We will promote you! We can do email blasts, take advantage of our network of Literary partners, Facebook shares, and much more!

Please help us to continue doing what we love to do! We love you, LA! #writeone #losangelespoetsociety #literaryla #lapscampaign #payitforward #literarynetwork #artsgiving #artla #poetryla #poetrycampaign

Thank you for your support and WRITE ON!
Jessica M. Wilson
Los Angeles Poet Society Founder


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