Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Jessica M. Wilson and Juan Cardenas guest Poets at Phoenix House!

Dear friends,

Juan and I had the opportunity to join the beautiful Poet, Maja Trochimczyk in Venice, California, at the Phoenix House. We were so happy to meet her by the ocean and visit the residents.
We read from the No Se Habla Espanol anthology, Edgar Allan Poet Journal #3, and my book, Serious Longing.

We connected with so many people during that time. Many came to thank us afterwards.

I wanted to share the blog article that Maja wrote on the event; capturing that great time, where we spread love and peace to many.


Jessica M. Wilson in studio with Swan World Press and Sayed Sabrina!

Jessica M. Wilson guests on FULL SPECTRUM, a literary variety show covering the spectrum of imagination and arts!

Show Date: October 5, 2015 from 10pm - midnightTune in online:

Wilson celebrates her new book of poetry, Serious Longing, published by Swan World Press from Paris, France!

In studio are special guests: Patrice Kanozai, Editor -in- Chief of Swan World Press and it's sister French press, Editions du Cygne! 

The Los Angeles Blues sensation, Sayed Sabrina, will be in the studio! Sayed Sabrina will be sure to shake things up! 

Listen and call in! 213.252.0998Brought to you by the Los Angeles Poet Society,

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

5 years of 100 Thousand Poets for Change! LAPS Organizes at Tia Chucha's and Beyond Baroque!


Celebrating 5 years of change...  The moment we stepped together to decide that change was indeed important and it starts within ourselves and expands out into our communities. We are the protectors of the Earth. LAPS is so excited to bring you 2 shows this year - Friday in the San Fernando Valley city of Sylmar at Tia Chucha's Centro Cultural, and on Saturday, 100TPC Day, at our home in Venice Beach, CA, the literary arts mecca, Beyond Baroque 
Literary Art Center.

 Hosted by Poets and Musicians for Change, Juan Cardenas & Jessica Wilson worldwide image 1 by youssef alaoui

worldwide image 1 by youssef alaoui[/caption]  

  FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 25th at Tia Chucha's Centro Cultural! 8pm featuring Luis J. Rodriguez!


All events will be live streamed and broadcast from the POET'S SOAPBOX:  

SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 26 at Beyond Baroque Literary Arts Center! 11am to 9pm

September 26: 11 to 9pm 11: Open MIC 11:30 - 1pm: SoapBox Poets presents: The Whale, Yvonne De La Vega, Rob Morrow, Norman Molesko, Jessica Wilson, Julio the Conga Poet Rodriguez, Michael Ian Churchman 1 - 2: Antonieta Villamil's Poesia Festival presents... featuring Antonieta Villamil 2 - 3: Beyond Baroque Fiction Writers presents 3 - 4: Beyond Baroque Green Poets presents 4 - 5: Beyond Baroque Wednesday night workshop presents 5 - 6: Beyond Baroque Saturday Poets presents 6 - closing: Beyond Baroque presents WIDE AWAKE, featuring Charles Harper Webb

  Plus guests from: Occupy Venice, the Venice Beachhead, & more!

  All events will be live streamed and broadcast from the POET'S SOAPBOX:      


Luis J. Rodriguez luisjrodriguez Luis J. Rodriguez--the official Poet Laureate of Los Angeles. For Luis poetry is soul talk, a prophetic act, a powerful means to enlarge one's presence in the world. Luis is also a novelist/memoirist/short story writer/children's book writer as well as a community & urban peace activist, mentor, healer, youth & arts advocate, husband, father, grandfather, and great-grandfather. He has 15 books in all genres, including the best-selling memoir, "Always Running, La Vida Loca, Gang Days in L.A." His latest book is the sequel, "It Calls You Back: An Odyssey Through Love, Addiction, Revolutions, and Healing." He is founding editor of Tia Chucha Press, now in its 25th year, and co-founder/president of Tia Chucha's Centro Cultural & Bookstore in the San Fernando Valley. And he's co-convener of the Network for Revolutionary Change. Luis is dedicated to a clean, balanced, abundant, cooperative, healing world. No more capitalist private property relations, exploitation, war, or inequities. "In essential things, unity; in nonessential things, liberty. In all things compassion." The Whale the whale   “As a child I was told to always tell the truth. I’ve been in trouble ever since.” The Whale The Whale is a refugee from the industrial wasteland. Early influences include a broken home, The Kennedy Assassinations, Martin Luther King Jr., The Vietnam War, The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix, the Public School System, The Castle Gardens Gang and Mutually Assured Destruction, or MAD. While still a teenager, Whale split that scene and began a quest of self discovery hitch hiking over 100,000 miles criss crossing 35 of the lower 48 states. Searching our great nation for the freedom and liberty that are said to be the promise of America. What he found may surprise you. Later in life, while being crushed beneath the boot heels of the corporate global hegemony, songs began to poor out of him like new wine pressed from the grapes of wrath. The inspiration was so overwhelming that it lifted him from the downward spiral into the darkness of the abyss and placed him firmly on a new path with six strings and a message. The Whale’s CD “Here In America.” Is available now. “Give it a listen. I made it just for you.” The Whale hereinamerica Like the Americans of myth and legend, I endeavor to stand for what I believe is right and true. Challenging the Status Quo with wit and a six string.This album is made Here In America, mostly by Americans. It is inspired by what I see as the American Dream. My Country Tis of Thee. Of Thee I sing.   Rob Morrow morrow Norman Molesko norman molesko At 85, Normie is a creative, active “L.A. Young Oldie” poet. He has been featured nationally on the SENIOR JOURNAL site, as helping older adults find a new beat in their lives with his poetry show.  Normie partners enthusiastically with the Los Angeles Poet Society in “Senior Advocacy”.   Yvonne De La Vega yvonne Poet Yvonne de la Vega was born and raised in Los Angeles and her works embody the very spirit of the city. Her book “Tomorrow Yvonne – Poetry & Prose For Suicidal Egotists” on Punk Hostage Press is epic with poetry written from the 1980’s to 2012. A large book of a unique structure, it’s layout, illustrations and cover designed by de la Vega and finetuned by award winning layout master Chris Yeseta with it’s Foreword written by Ray Manzarek of The Doors who writes, “Read her and delight in a new, strong voice. Let her tell you of the golden days and diamond nights of Los Angeles.”, and, “Yvonne is the lucky little lady in the city of lights.” and, “And let us all warm ourselves with her word, her perceptions, her visions and her knowledge. I promise you one hell of a good time.”   Jessica M. Wilson [caption id="attachment_36864" align="aligncenter" width="225"]photo by Alexis Rhone Fancher (c)2014 photo by Alexis Rhone Fancher (c)2014[/caption]  
Jessica M. Wilson is Navajo Indian Poet from East Los Angeles, CA. She has an MFA in Writing from Otis College of Art and Design and a BA in Creative Writing and Art History from University of California, Riverside. She began the Los Angeles Poet Society as an answer to bring the LA literary 'scene' into light -- so there would be transparency between Poets and Poetry Venues, Publishers, Musicians and Artists and all creatives. To bring the community together, she is Founder and Host of the Literary Series: Writers' Row, Writer Wednesday, SoapBox Poets Open Mic, and the Salon @ NoHo. Jessica is a Poet Teacher with California Poets in the Schools, and believes in the power of the word! She is 100 Thousand Poets for Change and Revolutionary Poets Brigade in Los Angeles! She is a Beat Poet and dedicates her words to the freedom of Mohammad ibn Al Ajami and other humans being repressed and denied the right to speak their truth.
Antonieta Villamil [caption id="attachment_36857" align="aligncenter" width="231"]Antonieta Villamil Antonieta Villamil[/caption] ANTONIETA VILLAMIL, international award winning bilingual poet and writer, her writing Focuses on the forgotten ones, and honors them with a persistence That compels us to hear Their voices, presents in the end version Arcana DOMAINS Imaginantes personal anthology of poetry, poetic prose and poiesis written from 1972 to 2001 and published Between 1980 and 2012 in limited editions. Poetry and contents Copyright © 2001 Antonieta Villamil.   Michael Ian Churchman churchman   Julio the Conga Poet Rodriguez julio

I play my own poetry(social and or political) to different Afro-latino conga rhythms i.e.,guaguanco,merengue,marcha/tumbao,songo,samba and timba rhythms. As a progressive thinker and poet, my job is to entertain and provoke critical thinking. Julio is part of the Revolutionary Poets Brigade - Los Angeles

  No Se Habla Espanol anthology nosehablaespanol
 Get your copy today: $10  

My poem, "The Children" is published in YAY! LA Magazine!


My poem about the colonization and displacement of all of our ancestors... pulled away from their roots and thrown into a hodge podge of madness, is captured with sentiment in The Children.

I am thankful to  YAY! LA's Editor, Jessica Ceballos, for selecting my work to be featured, along with an appropriate companion piece of artwork by Alberto Alvarez, titled "Blue bird", shown below.

Please do leave a comment, I am happy to hear your words. 
Much love, Los Angeles and YAY! LA!

Thank you, Jessica C.!

Radio Interview on "Another Voice from the Crowd"

Guess what! I have an interview out there in cyberspace, and I am really excited about it.
This one makes me proud... I am not stuttering and talking over myself...

I am on!

Anna Urena made this interview amazing!!! She is so on it -- we talk about everything I am involved in... well at least a good 80%! That is huge.
If you know me, you know I get my hands into a lot of things... because I can't help myself. I love to share art and meet writers... it's a fun time.

So ANNA URENA -- thank you! You absolutely rock and you are so intelligent! I love a strong, smart woman!

In this interview, I am accompanied by my husband, Flutist, Juan Cardenas. He plays in between sets and also chats on air.

We cover the following topics, so if you are involved in these topics please share this interview!
Much love!

Topic list:

THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT ALL THESE YEARS! Write on and share this interview! I can't wait to hear from all of you!

Ahhh how does a Poet do it?

I am trying to stay on top of my list of to-do's.

These days, I am not even sure who I am talking to, but I know that I have to push myself to promote my new book... my book, Serious Longing.
I take nothing for granted.

I wanted to be a Poet.
I look back and I want to be a Poet.
I smile because I realize that I am a Poet.

Yep, I am doing things that Poets are doing.
Reading, writing, living art, living in a dream many times, it seems... but it's great.

I can't forget about me. I have made it. Made it here to reach my goal...
I am a published Poet!
I am finally here!


The great news upon that... I am published in PARIS!
I wish I could tell you how in love I am with Paris. :) Ahhhh yes.
It's wild. A fantasy of love! Thank you, my Gods and Goddesses!
Thank you, universe of light!


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