Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Radio Interview on "Another Voice from the Crowd"

Guess what! I have an interview out there in cyberspace, and I am really excited about it.
This one makes me proud... I am not stuttering and talking over myself...

I am on www.radiotitans.com!

Anna Urena made this interview amazing!!! She is so on it -- we talk about everything I am involved in... well at least a good 80%! That is huge.
If you know me, you know I get my hands into a lot of things... because I can't help myself. I love to share art and meet writers... it's a fun time.

So ANNA URENA -- thank you! You absolutely rock and you are so intelligent! I love a strong, smart woman!

In this interview, I am accompanied by my husband, Flutist, Juan Cardenas. He plays in between sets and also chats on air.

We cover the following topics, so if you are involved in these topics please share this interview!
Much love!

Topic list:

THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT ALL THESE YEARS! Write on and share this interview! I can't wait to hear from all of you!

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