Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Practicing en Espanol

With my limited Spanish vocabulary, I have found that I can't write the same way I write in English. I know more words, I can express myself in so many ways...but that doesn't dismiss my Spanish writing.

In fact, my limited vocab is a constraint, but rather fun to play in because I am still able to write. I just write simply. I speak simply. I can still get my point across in little words.
It's a challenge, but a fun challenge... working with what I know and still finding the umbilical receding each time I create.

Por ejemplo... :) This is what I wrote today sin accentos (I don't know where the accents go)

Me pena estoy profundo
como las madres del tierra,
Llorando minuto a minuto, la mezcla de piel
Amarillo, café, y finalmente el rojo, el sacramento de resurrecion,
despues doce meses

presentan la vida.

In English, I am trying to say:

My pain is profound
Like the mothers of the earth
Crying minute after minute, the mix of skin:
Yellow, brown, and finally the red;
The sacrament of resurrection
After twelve months

We present life. 

--- I think I did it :) I put the ingles in Google Translator, and I found this poem:

Mi dolor es profundo
Al igual que las madres de la tierra
Llorando minuto a minuto, la mezcla de la piel :
Amarillo , marrón, y finalmente el rojo ;
El sacramento de la resurrección
Doce meses después

Presentamos vida.

---- Some larger words there, but still words that I recognize... 
I think I am close, and I am even more motivated to try to speak, read, and write Spanish more often. 

This is encouraging. Do you see 3 poems, 1, or 2? :)

Yo escrito y despues yo vivo!   (is that "I write therefore I live"?)

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