Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Justice for Andy Lopez -- Rally, Reading, Panel at Beyond Baroque - Venice, CA

​Greetings Friends and Writers:
​Happy Tuesday to you!

It's been a wild few months for me, I hope all has been well for you! 
The Los Angeles Poet Society is proud to be participating in a RALLY AGAINST POLICE BRUTALITY! JUSTICE FOR ANDY LOPEZ! 


​Andy Lopez was killed by Deputy Sheriffs in Sonoma County -- Santa Rosa, California. He was shot 8 times for holding a toy gun. He was 13 years old. The communities of Sonoma County, and all those who sympathize and seek to preserve life and personal freedoms, are rising up Saturday, June 7th, the weekend of what would have been Andy's 14th birthday... and we are say NO to POLICE BRUTALITY!
Why does this happen? Countless, nameless, people are victimized by the bullies in blue... the police named to protect and serve.
All they serve is the pocket book of big business, while they take all of our tax money, and try to convince us they are on our side. They kill our children, intimidate the average man and woman on the roads... They are not in alliance with us.

Help us bring awareness to the rage in Police Brutality, and find true

​ ​
Justice For Andy Lopez!!!!! Cops are profiling and hauling people away from their lives, their families and security. In Sonoma County, they pick on immigrants because they are "powerless" when it comes to US law... they don't seem to think twice about it.

We know all about racial profiling... brutality and public defense for Trayvon Martin, more Latinos being pulled across borders in Arizona... The police are horrendous.

Join us in a Rally, Protest, and Panel against Police Brutality.

Donations to help Justice for Andy Lopez will be accepted at this event.

​This event is in partnership with 100 Thousand Poets for Change, Justice for Andy Lopez, and the Revolutionary Poets Brigade!​


​We are coming together in solidarity for Justice for Andy Lopez and all the victims of Police Brutality!!!

Join us this Saturday at Beyond Baroque. The rally begins at 1pm! Please come dressed in white -- that was Andy's favorite color. 
Please bring your posters, banners, markers! We will also have some available.

~~~ The Line Up ~~~
1pm: Rally led by Mark Lipman and Jessica Wilson of the Revolutionary Poets Brigade and Los Angeles Poet Society!

2pm: Presenting Guests from: CopWatch LA, LACAN, Occupy Venice, POWER, Stop LAPD Spying Coalition, plus videos of crimes to people from police.
3pm: Panel hosted by Jeffery Martin -- Jeffery speaks with victims of police brutality
The Whale performs his medley, "Badges and Guns"
4pm: Poetry and Prose on the topic of Police Brutality, in memoriam of Andy Lopez, reading hosted by Mark Lipman and Jessica Wilson  of the Revolutionary Poets Brigade and Los Angeles Poet Society
Readers include: 
Brenda Petrakos, Richard Modiano, Stosh Machek, Antonieta Villamil, Matt Sedillo, David McIntyre, Felipe Finley, Pam Ward, and many more! 

​​facilitated by Jessica Wilson of the Los Angeles Poet Society

100 Thousand Poets for Change - Los Angeles - sign up sheet for participants on site. 

Beyond Baroque address: 681 Venice Blvd. Venice, CA 

Thank you and please share this information. 

~ Jessica M. Wilson, MFA
Los Angeles Poet Society Founder| President

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