Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Rambles of Depression

I began to talk to myself... feel somber, tired, criminal to my own debt.

Why can’t I seem to resurrect past this obstacle in my life?
Each week that passes brings small reward. Simple reward – living.

God, why did this place make me value their money? Living to make money… it’s impractical, unnatural.
We built this concept! It makes people miserable and urges them to kill themselves. It really does – I know this.
Suicide, homelessness…no one cares for people just as people.
There is always this notion of money, earning, to associate worth.
This dollar makes me a human being.
This dollar makes me a valuable member of human nature, I mean…society.

SOCIETY is the death of humanity.  The death of all that is naturally sacred.
It’s like denying using the sun for energy and taking a pill instead. Fill the voids of your humanity with manufactured plastic. Lap of luxury.
No one believes in themselves anymore because 
there is no dollar associated to them.
It’s so depressing.
We created something unnatural to designate to the natural.
Am I wrong?

Am I wrong, Walter?

-        Jessica M. Wilson Cardenas – 6/10/14 with $67 left

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