Friday, June 27, 2014

Beatnik Poets! Here comes Danny Baker!

A fun part of my job that I made is that I get to host superstar: writers, thinkers, philosophers, artists, musicians... Creative people that bring a sense of love to my artistically flawed heart.
My knowledge nutrients and creative chemo...

Well... that said, this Wednesday, July 2nd, I get to host a real punk...rock...beat...nik...Prose/Poet!!!  :)
DANNY BAKER! Baker was the first author to be published by Punk Hostage Press, editors are the infamous LA duo, Iris Berry and A Razor!

What a crew! I am so honored -- this self-admitted 3rd Generation Beatnik -- has found her family, or maybe her family has found her! Nevertheless, come to the show this coming WRITER WEDNESDAY!!!

Baker has a new book that will be coming off the presses of Oneiros Books, Death in the Key of Life! What a title that one is... Death, in the key of...Life. Love the dual irony. Sort of a palindrome of ironical sorts!
Mmmhmm -- dissect the elements! You will find, in much of Baker's prose, that you will want to eat it in small bites, but definitely finish the entire plate! His language is a tongue roller coaster (and I love it!)...but one can easily fall into the fun without really digesting meaning. Please digest the meaning! Words were meant to be heard and understood.

All that said... here are the show details, come on down and buy Death in the Key of Life -- Danny will be able to sign copies at the show!

~~~~ Write on!

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