Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The end is nigh!

So the end of the year...coming soon, coming strong, and I am so eager to let it go.
It brought tears, tearing across my skin, eyes wide - sockets blackened by the ashes above my head.
A heart crashes into the ground, letting traffic roll over and over to squeeze out the blood.
Unimaginable. Never - please never let this fever again hit.

All the coaxers. All the hands on our bodies, his mother's and mine...and a little one silenced. Her fever unlifted. She is silenced by youth...will there ever be a call? A moment to hold hands and visit...
Saddened in the dust.
Here we are.

Goodbye to this year, as I begin to face an anniversary of death, and move beyond the year he ended his life.

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