Tuesday, February 19, 2013

SoapBox Poets does Beyond Baroque

SoapBox Poets Open Mic has had quite a journey -- conceived under the Venice Beach sunlight, with sandy  smiles and gracious hands. Slender fingertips pointed lightly at the words tumbling between the lips of strangers.

Since then, it has flourished inland, in the valleys of San Fernando and made its humble home in the streets of North Hollywood: coffee houses, open parks, and once even, an artful loft in downtown's Brewery Art Colony.

Now, Venice once again beckons our forgiveness, and gentle guises as we cruise closer to the ocean, where our wombs met warm beside the shore.

Starting April 14th, SoapBox Poets will hold stage 2nd Sundays at Beyond Baroque Literary Arts Center!
681 Venice Blvd. Venice, CA, 2-4pm

footsteps, Granados & Wilson

This is our home.
Bring your words.
The mic is YOURS!

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