Friday, February 28, 2014

My Pop

I can't do what my Daddy did,
making ends meet from Swap Meet fortunes.

I can't do what my Daddy did,
start a job at 15, work into it as an adult
give in to it for 30 more years
to retire to the white picket dream.

I can't do what my Daddy did,
save-a-way, with each penny earned,
each cent nimbly tucked away for the "rainy day".

I can't do what my Daddy did,
how he helped me with my young goals,
set sights on education.

No, I can't do what my Daddy did,
give in to a structure of economy
that took care of him and his family
and his sisters
and mother
a father in the VA...
live to see another day...

of the Dream.
of the American reputation
that was printed for all to see
in the books of history -- now a mere scrapbook
of Uncle Sams glory days.

- Jessica M.Wilson
Friday, 11:15am

Saturday, February 22, 2014

I'm in the Indi Poetry Challenge! Vote for "Old City Glamour"

I'm in the Indi Poetry Challenge this month! All votes count! Help me place #1!

Old City Glamour is my homage to the city of my birth, Los Angeles, CA.
Inspired by the architecture of the Alexandria Hotel.

Alright!! I am up and up here... Can we get over 100 votes today? hehe only 1 and a half days left! Eep!

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