Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Halloween came this year and it wore a different costume.

I was just thinking how great it is to live every year and really live. What I mean by this is that we can all experience different variations of the same day. We have all these opportunities ahead of us and things are mapped out differently each time. We we can't assume that our days will look the same, and we can't assume that each year, a certain holiday will be celebrated the same.We have a traditions and this is great; this is our culture and our heritage. This is the way we teach our children. But it is OK for variations to exist, and it's OK to embrace them. 

What an amazing life! I feel like I'm learning every day, and that's good! I should be learning; there should always be newness to discover. 😍
Happy Halloween, everybody! 
Happy Day of the Dead!
Embrace your loved ones and enjoy breath. 
Peace and love! 

Here are some pictures from my Halloween and holiday fun!

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