Sunday, November 8, 2015

6 years later... Los Angeles Poet Society is no longer a baby!

WOW! Happiness is burgeoning and ever so present!

Today marks 6 years from the dream of taking action.
I stepped onto the Venice Beach boardwalk with my good friend, Christina Granados, and took a stand on a crate, and read poetry.

We took turns reading our poetry, standing up on the box, or passing out mardi gras beads with our info on it. That was the first SoapBox Poets Open Mic event! We invited others to join us... We felt that the box was a symbol of the people, coming together to hear truths.

This was the step that brought Los Angeles Poet Society to the people of LA!

I am so proud of this vision of ours, she is a beautiful 6 year old mama!
We are still here and doing it!!! Today we are having our monthly SoapBox Poets Open Mic gathering at Beyond Baroque! It's going to be fun!

We're throwing a anniversary/birthday party today, an annibirthday...and i have no idea what I will wear, read, or say... but I know I am ready! haha

See you there, hermanos!!Los-Angeles-Poet-Society-6th-Birthday/cu6k/563e55e90cf23796cd91ae9e

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