Tuesday, August 9, 2011

100 Thousand Poets for Change - Seeking Sponsorship

100 Thousand Poets for Change - A global event!Publisher Michael Rothenberg had a dream; to get people moving with poetry. Movement so powerful as to rock the globe. This is that event! With 100s of countries representing poetry for change, I am so proud and honored to be an organizer and participant of this event!

100 Thousand Poets for Change!


Los Angeles' response to 100TPC, will be held September 24, 2011 from 11am - midnight at the Wadsworth Theater in Los Angeles.

You diggin' the poetry goodness? I dig!

We are in need of organizational sponsorship!

We are seeking sponsorship to help organize the Los Angeles initiative, taking residence at the Wadsworth Theater in Los Angeles. The nature of this event is so massive that it has gained the attention of Stanford University and the people's radio station, KPFK.

Stanford will be archiving the event and KPFK will be promoting it.

Currently, we have a global participation of 450 events within 70 countries! Never before has a global poetry initiative such as this been attempted before.

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