Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Jessica's Leading Poetry Workshops!

Inviting you to join the fun in August at PoetryPalooza!
The Zzyxz Poets have set up venues all over LA county, I hope you can attend.
There will be workshops, readings, music, and much fun to be had.

In particular, I will be giving a poetry workshop on the found poem using the Humament Method, tying that into Stream of Consciousness.

PLUS, I will be giving a little workshop to the "Kiddos" on Acrostics. Of course all are welcome to join. :)

My workshops are on: 
August 20th at Thematic Attic in West Covina, 
August 21st at Eureka Cafe in MidCity LA, 
August 22nd at Amsterdam Cafe in North Hollywood, and 
August 27th at The Last Bookstore in downtown LA.

I think you would enjoy it!

Also, my very good friend, Jayson Pida will be leading his own workshops on Implementing the Visual into your Poetry on August 19th  at Stories Cafe in Echo Park.

Hope you can make it!
HERE is the ENTIRE schedule of Workshops: http://poetrypalooza2011.weebly.com/tour-schedule.html
RSVP: venicesoapboxpoets@gmail.com, or respond to our Facebook invite:


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