Wednesday, November 14, 2012

My Wild Love - Early Morning 1, 11/14

This was it. Halos over our heads, smoke rings of laughter.
We exchanged names, songs, goals of the future.
 You saw I was Europa, you shared your Griffin.
There was future.
More light beaming from our eyes, indenting our souls with a fondness for all things.

"You write? I draw.
You karaoke? Me too. Which song?"

"The Doors. I love The Doors."

"Me too. Which song?"
"I really love Crystal Ship. That's my favorite."
"Mine's so beautiful. Oh my God, let's hear it!"

I pulled out my phone, the songs were limited. We squeezed together to share the sound, toasted cigarettes, absorbing more of the moment.
Then, we recognized each other.

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