Tuesday, November 13, 2012

My Wild Love - Night 1, 11/13

Tonight we were destined to sit next to each other.
Neither of us thought to look, only to listen to the music and enjoy a smoke.

I retreated from my friend to mesh into the bricks behind me. I'd tap my head to the beats, wishing to conjure up music to feast on a nighttime lullaby.

I just took control, like I always do. "Hey DJ. Do you have any Doors?" He nodded.
"I don't want Light my Fire. Too commercial. I love it, but I want to hear Whiskey Bar, or Roadhouse Blues...or Crystal Ship. I love that song."

Then it played. I walked out to greet Jennifer and her panting civilians wanting a shot. She laughed.
"Alright! The Doors are on! Woohoo!"

More smokes, more lights shared under the sober moonlight. The crowd gathered around Jennifer, more lighters swapped pockets, and they laughed.

A peering eye, and a lean forward, "Did someone say, 'Justin' ?" We gave head shakes... "Ummm, no man."
Well allllllright.
You hushed when I mentioned the Doors.
Then, "Anyone that loves The Doors is good by me!"

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