Friday, March 13, 2015

Featured in the Fontana Herald News!

When I joined the Sequoia Middle School College and Career Fair, it was a complete honor to come back to visit my old middle school, and share my memories and experiences with my husband and CPITS partner, Juan Cardenas. It was also amazing to join the kids and light the creative sparks in their eyes! Plus, the literal honor and prestige that I felt, entering a room that said "POETS" Jessica Wilson and Juan Cardenas... that was to be our home room, was phenomenal! I don't think I ever felt so amazing as a Poet! It was such a beautiful day...

Now, I see that the local newspaper, the Fontana Herald News, wrote a story on Career day...and the first letter of the story starts with J!

You will see why... I am soooooooo happy to pay if forward and immerse into my old school and city, to share the joys of creativity and poetic expression!
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