Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I know he loved me...

and loves me still. It's now my job to take my love for him and let him live on.
I do believe that this is the last act of love I can offer to Justin...prove my love by exuding strength and really letting him fly.

Where does this kind of strength come from? How far down is it hidden, underneath my belly, behind my transparent eyes, under a place far less reachable than my soul?

How to conjure this.

I tell you this, he is worth it. Justin Adler is worth the love that will stem from my pain. Some say there is a clock ticking...waiting for me to complete my time of grief and surrender myself to the physical world sans love...my love. SoulMate, Artist...

I can fondle this theory, but where comes this magic to suddenly raise my head in the light and smile, enjoying a good moment, or holding a good memory -- close to heart?

This new love has taken form and has begun pinching, but I won't bite at it.
It's the last act of love,
and he deserves more than I can possibly give, so I will give all and owe more when I step into the great dark sky and find my eagle once again.

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