Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Join us for Writers' Row!

Writers’ Row Launch: March 10th at Harlem Place CafĂ©
124 W. 4th St. (down the alley) Los Angeles, CA 90013

Writers’ Row is held at the Harlem Place Cafe - literally down the alley located on 4th and Main St. in downtown LA.  Early arrival is suggested as the downtown Art Walk brings in thousands of people! Parking may be tough. You can park at a meter, or for safe no-worry parking, bring $3-$10 cash for parking in one of the lots.
Writers' Row is free to the public and a continuing event that will be held each 2nd Thursday of the month, same time and place.
Schedule of Events
Event runs from 8pm - 10pm

Enjoy a glass of wine or a hot coffee and sit down to experience the creativity of the written art!

8pm: Jessica Wilson introduces Writers' Row, Introductory poem for the night

8:10pm: Sarah Suzor

8:25pm: Vince Trankina

8:40pm: Charles L. Davis

8:55pm: Mike Sonksen

9:10pm: John Lavitt

9:25pm: Jayson Pida

9:40pm: Open Mic to the audience

Note to Open Mic participants: You are eligible to compete for a spot in the next Writers’ Row. Please let the MC know that you would like to be considered to be a Featured Writer at the next Writers’ Row.

Note to YOU! Would you like to be a Featured Writer at Writers’ Row? Please email Jessica Wilson at and send a sample of your work.

Join Writers' Row on Facebook:!/home.php?sk=group_128189800587289

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