Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Writers' Row - April 14th! Stop by Write Now!


Join us at the 2nd monthly gathering of Writers' Row - the only spot at the downtown Art Walk that celebrates the Written Art!

The event is hosted at Harlem Place Cafe (formally known as Lost Souls Cafe) in downtown LA - down the alley at 4th and Main St.
Event: 8pm -10pm

Hear work from our Featured Writers! Participate in the Open Mic! Enjoy the vibes of a modern-day Speak Easy and grab a glass of wine!

I hope to see you all there! We've got a new banner that will be hoisted high to flag you in from 4th Street! :)

*Interested in joining an upcoming Writers' Row? Query Jessica Wilson at venicesoapboxpoets@gmail.com

Please see more details below!



Harlem Place Café and the Los Angeles Poet Society fuse together to bring you Writers’ Row at the downtown Art Walk!

Join us for this historic event, April 14th, 
and every Art Walk Thursday thereafter,
from 8-10pm at Harlem Place Café!

The Players
Featured Writers, (selected in advance by the Los Angeles Poet Society), take stage from

8pm: Jessica Wilson introduces Writers' Row, Introductory poem for the night

8:05pm: Jay Smallwood

8:20pm: Bronwyn Mauldin

8:35pm: Lee Boek

8:50pm: Terrie Silverman

9:05pm: Khadija Anderson

9:20pm: Billy Burgos

9:35pm: Open Mic to the audience

Open Mic participants take stage from 9:30-10pm
To participate in Writers’ Row, RSVP: venicesoapboxpoets@gmail.com

The Deal
Listen to the written art of our Featured Writers and have the opportunity to meet them and learn what is going on in their worlds. Join in on the action yourself and step up to our Open Mic. Open Mic participants have the option to go heads up against each other to be invited as our Featured Writer during the next Writers’ Row.
Note to Featured Writers: You have the option to set up your own table in the Writers’ Row to display upcoming events or sell your own books. Featured Writers are to supply their own table and their own staff to manage the table.

The Spot
Writers’ Row will commence each Art Walk Thursday from 8-10pm at Harlem Place Café. Harlem Place Café is located down the alley (Writers’ Row), on 4th and Main St. in downtown Los Angeles.

The Glory
Writers’ Row is made possible by the collaboration of Harlem Place Café, the Los Angeles Poet Society, and the Downtown Art Walk.
Enjoy the surroundings of a modern-day speakeasy, grab a drink at our bar, and enjoy a free night of literary enjoyment as Los Angeles Poet Society brings you many of the best local and emerging Writers.
For more information, please email: venicesoapboxpoets@gmail.com

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