Wednesday, September 14, 2011

For Anthony

The wind turns
spreading fast the flesh around my teeth.
They chatter at the curtain drawn,
around your rosy blue tone, a humble carriage to your next land.

Adventure holds you tight and tugs my hand,
the same way we would when you breathed...
The circles I feel as I walk, keep me in a glow
halo of wonder. Is it embrace, or shield,
keeping me grounded so firmly away from the forces you grace?

I am surveyed, still young,
ready to greet you where
water fails to run 'round your veins.
A body without circumference. Your dream;
I believe.

Each morning I wake with you around my skin,
but I flinch in fear. How close am I?
Jagged memories of nightmare demean your smile
and feign at the whimsy. There is nothing light about this.
Distant pleasure forsakes the intentions drawing near you;
a bottle breaks.

I turn corners and I stare, I see them,
I see you. We repeat and repeat the reality we lived, but there is always something more.
Ominous. more.
discreet. more. and less you.

Protection, protection, in the wind I see you,
in my light I am somber
memories shield the pain, laughter hiccups between the days.
with magical hands, we walk together pulling each other
to cross the line neither of us can remove.

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  1. Read this last night...did it injustice. Reading it here, it doesn't look too bad.


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