Wednesday, April 11, 2012

It's nice to hear good things!

I got this note today from Connotation Press: An Online Artifact, and it truly moved me. It's nice when you are appreciated, and especially nice when your work gets noted unexpectedly.
I am grateful for the attention that has been made to my work as a Poet. It's a craft that is done for self-pleasure, and at the same time, I do hope to reach the ears and eyes and minds of those who come across it.

Many times, I am unaware of the power my words can hold...Power may be too strong of a word. At this time, I am very humble, and very glad that others simply "see" me.

Here is what the editors from Connotation Press had to say:

From Editor-in-Cheif (Ken Robidoux)

"From back alleyways in Downtown Los Angeles to the Venice Beach boardwalk and all points of the Southland between,Jessica Wilson fearlessly gives venue to the poetry of others-- the poetry of the street. Now it's her turn. Poetry is a multifaceted gem, and for that aren't we the fortunate ones. Give 'em hell, Jess! Connotation Press: Service Repeats"

Kaite Hillenbrand "Jessica comes up with surprising, perfect phrases over and over. And there's such passion in her poetry. I'm so glad to have gotten to publish this work, and to give a home to the poetry of a poet who's a serious advocate for the arts."

Thank you so much for this acknowledgement!

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