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POETRY Events this Week from Los Angeles Poet Society, including The Los Angeles Poet Society Physical (a mixer) @ The World Stage, Saturday August 10th!


Hello Poets, Writers, Musicians & Friends!
The Los Angeles Poet Society is alive in well!
I am happy and excited to announce the biggestlineup of events we've had to date!


Wednesday, August 7th - Don Kingfisher Campbell features at Writer Wednesdays!

Address: 5251 Lankershim Blvd. North Hollywood, CA 91606
Time: 7pm - 9:30pm

Plus Open Mic to all creative genres! 5 minutes (or as time allows)

Join us at Writer Wednesday as we come together -- a community of living art. 

We are excited to feature Don Kingfisher Campbell!
DON KINGFISHER CAMPBELL, listed on Poets and Writers, has been a performing poet/teacher for Red Hen Press youth writing workshops, publisher of the San Gabriel Valley Poetry Quarterly, leader of the Emerging Urban Poets writing and Deep Critique workshops, organizer of the San Gabriel Valley Poetry Festival, and host of the SaturdayAfternoon Poetry reading series in Pasadena, California.

Mr. Campbell is currently studying for an MFA in Poetry at Antioch University, Los Angeles. He has taught Creative Writing in the Upward Bound program at Occidental College and been a Guest Teacher for the Los Angeles Unified School District for 29 years.

The show is FREE!
Please grab some coffee or tea and show some ♥ to Bob's!!!

Open mic to all creative genres!
5 minute limit (or as time allows)


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Saturday, August 10th - The 1st Los Angeles Poet Society Physical @ The World Stage!!!

Where: The World Stage
Address: 4344 DEGNAN BLVD  LOS ANGELES, CA 90008
Time: 5pm - 7pm

Enjoying the summer sun? Let’s ready for it! It’s the 

Los Angeles Poet Society Physical!

Guess what!? We are getting PHYSICAL!
The time has come to step out of the virtual into the physical, as we become "real" to each other.

This is a mixer to bring LAPS members and those interested in the Poet Society together and see each other in the flesh as we share our creative passions, present opportunities, and cross that literary bridge into collective community!!!

I am so honored to have our event hosted at the forefront of Los Angeles' literary and cultural community, THE WORLD STAGE! Founded on the ideals of bringing people to the arts, and recognizing the arts as a beacon to pull creative energies!

I want to give a personal thank you to Conney Williams! Not only is Conney a key figure in running the literary stage each Wednesday night (and then some) at The World Stage, but he is also such a brilliant and honest Poet! Not to mention, Conney is also a member of Los Angeles Poet Society! (Yes! :))

ballad for Gwendolyn Brooks:
She ain’t just cool, she real cool
Gwennie will cut you,
scalpel the camouflage of you,
decisive and deep;
won’t even know you’ve been filleted
until blood melts like chameleon skin,
blossom like ginger hummingbird,
early summer of sweet ballad blue;
she slithers like nocturnal steel,
burnished before dawn in Chicago blues;
she ain’t just cool, she real cool
she no June swoon, she real cool
sublime like vintage wine
that did it’s time on the vine
she real cool
she that verse, unrehearsed
she that peppermint at the bottom of your purse
she ain’t just cool, she real cool
she ain’t no simple Saturday night six-blade,
in the sweaty palm of a mocker, or
midnight proposition tucked beneath brassiere;
her incisions are Bronzeville legend;
lay you low on length of black quilt,
won’t even know you been under her knife
until you realize, ignorance is angry,
and beg darkness off your front porch;
her simile circumference of cabernet horizon;
Gwennie slice you quatrain with stiletto perfection
and finesse the page like gilded artisan,
fingers supple like fetal tenderness,
Ms. Brooks will cut you, backyard like jasmine
that blooms before dusk; She is verbal neon
the tremble inside psalm and proverb,
poet surgeon of July honeysuckle
She ain’t just cool, she real cool
She real cool

~ Conney Williams 

The Details:
When: August 10th, 5-7pm!!!
Who/ What: Los Angeles Poet Society Physical - A mixer emerging from the virtual into the physical!
Where: @ The World Stage, 4344 Degnan Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90008

Free of charge, donations are welcomeBRING YOUR BUSINESS CARDS, little black book, CDs, books, bring what you got!!! :D

What will we be doing? Among the networking and socializing fun, we'll also have:
LAPS Networking Tables, including Edgar & Lenore's Publishing House, and more!
Business Card raffle
Games, Poet trivia

The World Stage (www.theworldstage.org)

Edgar & Lenore's Publishing House (www.edgarallanpoet.com)\

Want to join the Los Angeles Poet Society? It's free... 
Just complete the Poet Society questionnaire and submit!
It's that easy! https://losangelespoetsociety.centraldesktop.com/thelaps/


Sunday, August 11th - Joe Gardner features at SoapBox Poets Open Mic!!!

Address: 681 Venice Blvd. Venice, CA 90291
Time: 2pm-4pm 

This month, the SoapBox features Poet, Joe Gardner!
Joe is a phenomenal poetic voice for the working class "joe"! :)

He is an absolute favorite Poet of mine, and officially kicks off my birthday week with his words!

Open mic to all creative genres! 
Free of charge, but donations welcome. 

Refreshments & schmoozing afterwards!

Would you like to join the Los Angeles Poet Society? Membership is free, and it gives you a chance to meet other artists and creative souls who join you in your appreciation and passion for the arts!

About Us

Founded in 2010, the Los Angeles Poet Society, (LAPS), was by raised by East LA born Poet, Jessica M. Wilson. The mission of the LAPS is to create a bridge, fusing the communities of Los Angeles and Southern California Poets, poetry organizations, Writer groups, booksellers, publishers, literary enthusiasts and supporters into a unified social and literary network.

Our Mission

The focal point of LAPS is to network and publicize the events and achievements of its members. LAPS also organizes and promotes events, pulling from within its own community, to create and sustain Los Angeles’ literary anchor.

About the Founder


Founder and Hostess of Writers' Row: Downtown LA's Official Written Art Showcase, Writer Wednesdays, and SoapBox Poets.

A Poet from East Los Angeles, CA, Jessica holds her Master of Fine Arts in Writing from Otis College, and a BA in both Creative Writing and Art History from UC Riverside. She is the Founder of the Los Angles Poet Society, Writers’ Row (a showcase of Writers during the downtown Art Walk), Writer Wednesdays, and SoapBox Poets which is a collaborative group of artists delivering their work to masses.

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