Thursday, September 5, 2013

To No One

To No One

I feel so lost…
and empty
and lonely.
Not feeling this world; 
how they shape your mind
to make you believe that you need to be somebody to somebody, 
to be somebody.

Society leads you to water,
asks you for a quarter to stare at it to see your reflection,
asks you for a dollar to taste it,
$1.50 to drink from it,
and $5 to take some home with you.

Water flows free.
Of the land, 
within the land,
to feed the beings of the land.
Well, wasn’t that us?

Or was that to no one,
who was staring down into the water,
asking the sun if it would take a nickel
for a little warmth on the skin?

Of a no one, born to the land 
of earth and water,
rock and soil,
to attempt to forge humanity
in a land of hungry dreams
and debutante balls.
More silicone for the pushin’: technology, Barbie Dolls, prosthetic --
admired for their unnatural presence.

Fallacy to replace bodily.
Dollars to replace rocks.
Savings to scrape up 
only to be able to burry your bones.
So to return to the earth as no one,
but a spec of brown powder,
recycled stardust on an planet
empty of heart.

~ Jessica M. Wilson

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