Monday, October 13, 2014

Prayers to the heavens for Poetic Lives!

I've had the most amazing poetic journey...soul hours...hours of growth -- delivering the word and living up to it I feel so blessed and so happy to live the life that I have.
In a whirlwind of travel Juan and I have truly unleashed truth -- in magnitudes we'd never imagine reachable... all in the name of POETRY

From the beautiful open hills of Petaluma -- for the California Poets in the Schools retreat at IONS (Institute of Noetic Sciences) which was the rebirth long needed, and in meeting new friends and soul mates of the same spirit and passion to teach our youth and aid them in their paths to positivity & creativity!!! To all the Poet Teachers -- I am HONORED to breathe beside you!

From this wonderful experience, we made it back to our creative home, our ROCK, Beyond Baroque -- to the arms of a FULL CROWD of SoapBox Poets celebrating the work of the beautiful and FIERCE Poet Alexis Fancher... and it doesn't stop there.

 What a homecoming. What a beautiful community of risk takers and truth tellers who will NEVER be silenced! I am proud to live in your space... and then, an epic CLIMAX of literary celebration: Library Girl's 5th Year Anniversary, the vision of Susan Hayden selflessness and joy! A healing journey that has healed WORLDS of people -- thank you, Susan!

I just can't fathom all the intense details: sitting in the pews, alongside Richard Modiano and S.A. Griffin -- both pioneers and literary troublemakers whom I respect and look up to... being adopted by Punk Hostage Press with all the POETRY BADASSES hand-picked by our sexy ringleader Iris Berry and A. Razor -- the holiest of holies couldn't be any holier. Yes, this is life. A happy one.

Thank you to this universe -- Pacha Mamma... my partner in crime... I am satisfied.

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