Wednesday, August 31, 2016


cascade of color
generations after
the start of matriculation
dreams of higher revelation
beyond the normality
of just being
breathing or beating
of where we all began

i see unity in this prism 
light glaring into my throat,
a voice for more
a voice to plunge into pastimes
of lives more than mine
more than what i have seen

it is immeasurable 
makes me want to scream higher
for the dreams of all reality
to come to be.
i infiltrate the circle,
tuck myself into a knapsack
and dance under the joy,
no solitude,
a collective self 
that will resonate and sing
beyond the reasons of understanding;
who we can be
or become
within season

we are collective body;
masses of other,
faces of comfort
that grace the life holy.
one being
to nurture and penetrate
without charity or solace
minds of menace and laughter
minds planted with decision
to reach beyond the vision
of alignment.
reaching beyond the chosen mind
creating a harmony of our otherness
togetherness reaching
to declare our lives;
we stand like trees,
knees unbuckled
less savage than times before us
teetering heavy
to shift the weight of the planet.

forces for good
extreme light
that will serenade our history
with the galaxy of our faces,
placards placed
carefully into the earthwalls
of our existence.
a unity chosen
a theory revealed:
that peace steps with careful feet
in the gleeful light;
karma in charity
plenty of passion
we shine precise
beam in reality.

jessica m. wilson
august 31, 2016
at Los Angeles Valley College - library
examining the eclectic faces of education


  1. "We stand like trees, knees unbuckled" - beautiful, Jessica!

    1. Thank you so much my sister Poet! xo much love.


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