Tuesday, September 20, 2016

6 Years of 100 Thousand Poets for Change

Saturday, September 24, at Beyond Baroque Literary Arts Center in VENICE, CA (the West Side of LA)
Beyond Baroque Literary Arts Center, 681 Venice Blvd. Venice CA.
10am: Black Mask Parade against Police Brutality
GATHER at Venice Blvd. and Lincoln Blvd. We will march over to Beyond Baroque/ Abbott Kinney.
Join your community as we march up Venice Blvd. donning the masks of those who are victims of Police Brutality and unjust killing. Stop the murdering police NOW!
Showtime: 11am-8pm
Join us in a world gathering – a celebration of change!
The Los Angeles Poet Society is honored to host amazing Angels of Change in our communities! Celebrating 6 years of 100TPC together! Additional events will be held after 3pm at Beyond Baroque.
ISSUES WE WILL ADDRESS at this gathering:
  • Homelessness
  • Mass Incarceration
  • Youth Empowerment
  • Black Lives Matter
  • Justice for All!
  • Save our Water, stand with STANDING ROCK in North Dakota
  • Indigenous Rights
  • Body Image 
  • Stop Police Brutality
  • Senior Advocacy and Creative Aging
  • Women’s Freedom
  • Help Heal Mother Earth and BECOME HER CARETAKERS!
  • End the patriarchy
  • Immigrant Rights
  • Equal rights for all!

Aztlan Underground (MUSIC)
Open Mic for the People! Come up to your mic and tell us what you advocate for.
Poetry from Pogo Saito, Juan A. Cardenas, Jessica M. Wilson, Radomir V. Luza, Norman Molesko, LynneBronstein, Ava Bird, Mark Evans
Community Poet Tree – What will you change? You tell us — write a poem and hang it on our tree.
Las Lunas Locas: Alexandra M. and Amanda Wang
Nalgona Pride Positivity – Gloria Lucas, Founder 
Tote4Friendz – April S. Hernandez, Founder
Persistence of Sound, spinning live by DJ Gary Alvarez and www.RadioSombra.com
Poesia Festival

10am, 11am-12pm, 1pm-3pm: Hosted by Los Angeles Poet Society 
10am: Black Mask March led by Jessica M. Wilson and the people! (gather at Venice and Lincoln)
11am: Welcome to the 6th 100 Thousand Poets for Change World Festival.
Let’s talk about what just happened at the Black Mask March.
A view of the global 100 Thousand Poets for Change World Movement!
11:10am: Poet & Flutist/Vocalist Juan Cardenas  – advocate for Immigrants Rights, Heal Mother Earth
11:25am: Poet and Actress/Singer Pogo Saito – advocate for Women’s Equality, End the patriarchy
11:40am: Poet Norman Molesko, LA’s “Young Oldie” Poet – advocate for Senior Advocacy and Creative Aging
11:55am: Tote4Friendz introduction from Founder, April S. Hernandez – advocate to end homelessness and help humanity.
NOON -1 hosted by Jennifer Thompson
12pm: Aurora featuring Spoken Word Poet Jennifer Thompson with Drake – advocates for positivity and empowerment.
1-3pm hosted by Jessica M. Wilson
1:10pm: Aztlan Underground – musical performance – advocates for Indigenous Rights, Immigrant Rights, Restoring Mother Earth, Justice for All!
1:55pm: Poet Jessica M. Wilson – advocate for human rights, end homelessness, stop mass incarceration, youth empowerment, Black Lives Matter, All Lives Matter, Indigenous Rights, Women’s Rights, Stop the patriarchy, Help Heal Mother Earth – be a caretaker, Save our Water – Stand with Standing Rock, Stop police brutality.
2:10pm: People’s open mic with Poet Radomir V. Luza
2:15pm: People’s open mic with Poet Lynne Bronstein
2:20pm: People’s open mic with Poet Mark Evans
2:25pm: Las Lunas Locas introduction from the Lunas, and reading from Poets Amanda Wang and Alexandra Marie – advocates for Human Rights, Healing Mother Earth, All Lives Matter
2:35pm:  Nalgona Positivity Pride, introduction from Founder Gloria Lucas – advocate for Decolonizing the Body, Positive body image, eating disorders, end the patriarchy
2:40pm: Food Not Bombs – introduction from team – advocates for Humanity, ending homelessness, self care, healing our planet, ending hunger
2:45pm: Persistence of Sound, introduction from DJ Gary Alvarez – advocate of Human Rights, decolonizing, human consciousness, Indigenous Rights
2:50pm: Venice Community Unity Coalition, introduction from team – advocates for Human Rights, ending Gentrification, Helping stop homelessness, justice for all
2:55pm: Los Angeles Poet Society, thanks from Founder Jessica M. Wilson – advocates for HUMAN RIGHTS. All lives matter! Veterans rights, senior advocacy and creative aging, Youth Empowerment, Stop police brutality.
2:57pm: Let’s take a look at our POET TREE — what are some things people will change.
3pm – 6pm hosted by ANTONIETA VILLAMIL
Poesia Festival – a Multilingual Event
6pm – 8pm programming hosted by Beyond Baroque
100 Thousand Poets for Change is a FREE EVENT. Donations, however, are always welcome. We appreciate your kindness to keep us moving forward on our mission to unify community through poetry!
Vendors, Food, Orgs and Non-Profits, Community, Change and Unity, healing with Peace and Understanding.

FOOD FROM:Food Not Bombs – grab a vegetarian free meal made from love and community heart.

Tote4Friendz – holding a TOTE BAG, WATER BOTTLE, HYGIENE PRODUCTS DRIVE as this event. Meet Founder, April S. Hernandez
Nalgona Positivity Pride – meet NPP Founder, Gloria Lucas, purchase some awesome positive body image merchandise. 
Las Lunas Locas – will be typing poems on demand. Meet the Lunas and ask about joining the group.
Los Angeles Poet Society – sign up to join your creative community. LAPS will also be having a Book Sale.
Persistence of Sound – Live DJ Gary Alvarez spinning from www.radiosombra.org
Meet Gary and learn more about his show — many social justice issues. Enjoy the tunes while you eat.
Check out the POET TREE! The LA Poet Society asks, what do you want to change. 
Write your answer poems and hang it on the TREE!
This event will be archived by Stanford University and stands in solidarity with the world movement of 100 Thousand Poets for Change!

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