Friday, February 20, 2015


I am super stoked about being on! It's such a badass station, playing my favorite Classic Rock music! I mean, Ramble On came on -- and that is totally my jam to get up and get on! Keep on keeping on, Led! Ramble on! :) 

Thanks to Poet Jeffrey Alan Rochlin for hooking me up with Alan Lohr! I'll be reciting my poetry and my man's band, Tikal Sun, will also be playing live on air! How fun this will be!

Please tune in at 8pm - February 21st PST for some good clean poetic propaganda! haha

It's all fun! VIVA la VIDA! I wonder which poems I should read though...hmm... do I go with erotica, nature pieces, social discord... 

Ah ... a hodgepodge maybe :)

Well, I will be in good company! Long live music! Let's rock!

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