Friday, January 22, 2010

Randomness from my Archives

So... here we are, it's hailing in Los Angeles and now I hear there is a rainbow overhead. Mother Nature is just about as contradictory as I am... I love it, but I hate it...It tastes good, but I'll gain weight... I'm broke, but doing it anyway.

Yeah... So, here, my good friends, is a piece of paper I used to Poet around back a generation ago. I hope it still holds some value to the eyes...

The Concepts of Glass and Silk

Fingers dipped in liquid wax protrude
beneath the ridges of a caramel silk.
They find their way
to slide along the mounts of your skin.
The touch shakes up the spirits
you are holding, as you are stunned silent
by glass eyes. Green silver-lined specs of glass,
hardened by self-satisfaction.
-Jessica M. Wilson
9/27/1999, 7:18pm Monday

Here I was a excited about stuff...
The dynamics of wood...
sharpens steadily,
able to push off the ground without reaching a limit,
strains to show any idea conceived.
Strictly pauses for seconds,
compatible and fits
snuggly into a jar of Vitamin C.

- Jessica M. Wilson (written around 2000)

(looking back. seeing?)

(this is sandy monica...she says hi)

(this was glow!)

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