Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The value of a head...

So, I am a wanted woman. I think I've always known this...but have been hiding from the fuzz, head burrowed safely into the ground like my fine-quilled friend, the ostrich.

The buzz in my head has kept me from sleeping, so I have decided to pull my head out and analyze the situation.
All this noise.

Any suggestions? Anyone want to claim my fame? :)

Maybe I will just plug my skills here for some freelance work...

- Karaoke songstress (deep notes only, Mariah skill here)
- Accomplished unpublished Poetess
- Avid reader of ___
- Technology enthusiast
- Shameless plug-ger girl
- I will promote the hell outta you!
- I can make you a website! :D
- I can probably stand on my head too, only if a wall is present

So, I do have skills. Sure I do... so who wants to pay me?

Even then, will any fundage make a dent in this price on my head?

Probably not :( ... so then what? Live today like there is no tomorrow, and face tomorrow with no amenities for the day.

Yeah, I'll die a pauper.

FYI! Now y'all know.


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